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There's trainings their symmetry now, if you come from that from that mentality of I never had nothing and you get your first job Check of residence. And your first check is $250,000 as your first check. Yeah, the first thing you going to do is want to go out and buy the watch by the jury. Yeah that by by your mom I get all of that and and and then all of a sudden as they say, I forgot who who the athlete was and I forgot who the rapper was but it's a never-ending cycle. They all say the same thing. I had to put my boys on payroll. Well now like I think it was Paul Peirce. He says every time we went to a city it was eight of us. That means I had to pay for eight dinners. I had to pay for eight vehicles. I had to pay for it off when that check slows up such as a pandemic of what we're in now. Guess what that hey do I really need you on payroll? What am I bringing you along on this trip for what what she went value. Are you bringing you? Look at it LeBron James. He has everybody on payroll and whatever that payroll is not all I'm taking care of my boys and I'm paying real job. You know, you have a job. To do and once you do that job, you get paid accordingly for whatever that that market calls for as opposed to MC Hammer back in the day. He put everybody on payroll off now with his time is up. He took care of the neighborhood, but he didn't take care of him know and I agree. I agree to a certain extent. I do believe you're right. You said there's no excuse. I do believe I don't believe there's any excuse but still the message isn't being transcends the board because we're not doing that. We still have too many percentages that are not so either the message needs to keep being hammered home or we need to be figure out different way for them to learn because it's not all happiness Sports happens in in all those all those fascist. It's just that we have some what we're getting that back in the beginning but the bag in the end, there's not they're not holding on to it. And I know that's the financial literacy portion of it, but I need also he was also just investing this ourselves in our internet properly. We're being monetized off of a lot and we're not getting out we're not getting what we're being monetized for for that much and I just talked about in sports. I'm talking about in the real world as well. We have too many pop-up shops with t-shirts home. Be able to own clothing stores. We have too many we have too many, I believe are you are you at I think that's a great Hustle but I don't see no reason why we can't have we can't own a manufacturing part. Why can't we do offer already inside doing it your videographer. You also a lot of your content and Other Self know. Oh, you're conscious of people don't you two bones are content. Let's see if I tell it goes It goes down, you know, you have to take a step back because if you know teach young people financial literacy and Murphy asked asked a lot of people a lot of kids in high school and early college if they know how to write a check a lot of them will say no, but they know how to use cash cash app. Yeah, but that's my point. That's what that's my point. You're I'm getting to the same point. We need to invest in our own intellectual property or off or intellect investment and all those things when you enormously somebody you gotta go back go back and teach them early because at age of Twenty-One blackjack 12223 you can tell me a whole lot because I think I thought I knew it right. But if you don't call me at twelve thirteen fourteen years old and it's saying okay. How long have you have, you know a hundred thousand dollars. What's the best way for you to make more money? Because what happens is that we're too quick to get the money and we're too quick to say I can't wait ten years for this money to mature. I want it now or I'll take it now and I'll do something later with it, but we know later is never going to come so and so when you do you teach them financial literacy how to balance a checkbook don't look at Cash app, you know be able to able to manage your own money and how you manage that that money because we got a lot of entertainers athletes in in trouble. They let somebody else manage their money and they don't they just know they got money and so all they're doing is right checks and swiping swipe swipe swipe, right? So athletes needs to be dead. Able to do that and and still be able to have their dreams, you know, they still have to go to school and high school even after college when they're in college. You need to take those courses of someone off like, um, you know, as a motivational speaker Kevin one of the things that Kevin can do as he's talking to them and talk to them about, you know, financial literacy, but they've offered though those Court there's a Dennis Kimbro and Clark Atlanta he teaches that that he teaches a course, but I'm telling you what I mean, but when we sent all these kids allowed know, let's see here. Here's the here's there's a bigger picture on that. That's because when the parents aren't comfortable with those conversations and teaching them they're not comfortable with sitting down with their kids. So their kids aren't going to get some of that their kids not going to know so when we sit down and talk to them they kind of push back because first thing that we're taught as young people is if we look at our place But some guys if my parents can't help me or her parents don't care. I'm not going to really care and I'm not saying that all parents are like that. But when you have some of those who aren't comfortable with finances who are comfortable with writing letters who are comfortable with getting out and speaking you tend not to take your kids in those environments but what I'm saying, but what I'm saying is when you get to college and this and this is a deeper rooted issue than that than me because I don't know if this was for you as a track or maybe the football player they put me in cookie cutter classes in the beginning and then when I showed that I could actually handle, you know taking better classes back then or I said I'm signing up with this class myself then it was why did you do that? Because we have practice during this time and it was like, well, this is the class that I need to take that's on you to want to be able to say I'm dead. I want to get my degree you have a lot of athletes that are just saying I'm just only here to you know, do whatever it takes to so I can play ball. Look at Ben Simmons. He went to LSU came in from Australia went to LSU for 1 year. He had no intentions of going to school. He was there just for that one semester played that first and I think he would he would didn't even play the second half cuz he could Emily ineligible any became the number one of the number two pick in the NBA. So I mean he already had that mindset that he wasn't there to go to school, but he had to go to college route because playing ball over seas was not as popular at that time when he came out eight years ago as opposed to what it is. Now when you're seeing With The Ball Brothers saying.

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