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Also nicer de'andre like deandra got that because he was part of the kevin durant kyrie irving initial big three in in brooklyn and he was just. He's friends with all those guys. They played on team usa together and he was essential for them in signing with the nets. A little while back and it was a him signing that he gets paid twenty million a year that is not his market value. They overpaid for him. In the beginning as part of a like a sign let sign kevin durant and kyrie irving and it was you know finally worked out that way but at some point you make so much money and your they have a lot of guys at that position but they you know straight into detroit. They they They're going to do a buy out. He's going to give back a little bit of money. Detroit gets four second round out of it so they get something And also some other some other complicated salary cap things but we all thought lamarcus aldridge was going to miami. Last year on the market he ended up going to brooklyn so until he clears. Waivers and intel other teams have a chance to approach the andre. I wouldn't i wouldn't say it's likely or expected or anything like that. I would use much more. Vague words. you know. He fits with the lakers. He would fit in that role. I think would have a pretty well defined role and if you're on the buyout market and you're gonna sign for minimum like that's what you're looking for is someplace you can play. I'm just. I'm just following all the nba insiders on twitter and reading. What they're saying. Whoa just saying upon formal completion of a buyout with the pistons then de'andre jordan intends to sign with the lakers sources. Tell espn usually. That's when he says sources. Tell me and ramona and so no so just. I'm just interested in it because it's just another roster spot of a veteran guy who wants to win. Who doesn't make all the money because of things you talked about. And would he fill that roster about and then by the way what happens to two other guys tomorrow all right. That's the big right. Because i think d andres in a position right now where dwight howard was better off the bench you just was. When he was with the lakers and marcus. All to me right now is is probably still the starter. But it's it's up to him. Does he wanna be on the cbs's you feel happy comfortable. Welcome here. woody rather play in spain. We rather play for another team that that situation get resolved. But if let's say marks not on the team if he decides he wants to go elsewhere. I think the under can start in that role. I like i'm still on the markets all bandwagon. I still think he is a better fit in the sense that if the in that lineup with lebron anthony davis west russell westbrook. I think you need some shooters. And that's why. I think ellington's a good candidate to start. He's he's one of the shooters. They signed And also marcel. That was the whole reason for signing. Marcus all is is. He's a really good outside shooter. he's also very high q. Basketball player who can pass out of the high post. And so i don't know andres not shooter white not a shooter so i i still think marcus all makes a lot of sense for them as a starter. But it's up to him. He's got he's got to want to hear or right. Hey before you go because everybody's telling me it's time to break. I have one last question for you. Will you be waking up early. Tomorrow morning to see stanford at kansas state in dallas at gerry world. Are you waking up early for some college football tomorrow now. Out to see the star. I'm good out. I really highly value my sleep and especially on weekends. And i've been waking up really early this week so i need to sleep in my son's gonna come running in my room at some point anyway And and we've got him trained where he goes to sleep a bit on the later side so that he doesn't really wake up until later it's a really good thing to do especially during the pandemic when you like. You don't have to go to school yet. You know you really young. So we got him. So i can get at least till eight thirty nine. Before he runs in the room all right well stanford and kansas state. Tomorrow i'm good. I love but i don't need to get up early on the weekend. Watch that. I'm feeling you muslim. Great weekend have a great holiday weekend. Yeah and enjoy yourself. Enjoy your family. Tell nevin we said hello. And we'll talk to you soon. Towns kid back right there. She is ramona. Shelburne sticking around but here comes demarco. We're just getting rolling here on a friday afternoon. Demarco's in studio yes. Friday afternoon on sodano and cap on seventy spn. Demarco far is in studio. The super bowl champion yawn national champion. Oh that's right cap. Laura that somebody bring you a championship ring own my god. Well i mean. I got to see it. Yes was that michael thompson okay. I should have brought the super bowl ring. I i got jealous jealous. I should've brought that. That'd be amazing baker one and then. I saw the replica dodger. One and then having a super bowl one gram super bowl ring. I'm still trying to see if i'm gonna marry the rams this season i'm still you know. Still debating demarco. Laura doesn't really have a loyalty to an nfl team You know because the random or here and there on seven ten and there in la. They've got now the greatest stadium on the planet might got two beautiful. It stands to reason that she should become a rams fan but she has not yet made a commitment which you know she's not i don't know man she's she says she's. She's having trouble with love in her life. So so scott. We try to do this with her last year we did. She avoided it for so long that we ran out of time. Marshall break boys commercial break. Okay so what happened. Is i like football. But i don't have a team i didn't i try dating the The raiders when. I was young because of my uncles. Didn't really work out for me and then i have friends. Who are rams and charger fans. They're not me I have some connection to the patriots in the eagles. Sure but anyways people start literally dragging and sodano be like your and i think l z was in on this too. But they were like. Yeah we need to get people to call and see if they can convince him so she can finally give them a rose but we didn't really have a lot of shows so it wasn't me. It was the fact that laker season was there and a lot of other. Things are happening so we didn't really have shows to do this so then yeah like i never really got my proper dating life with the teams. It's not me so this is all very much excuses. Not you would turn around and be like. I got out of it today today team. Well let me just start off back not going anywhere or you grew up your whole life in los angeles there when there.

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