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And it seemed a lot of the headlines were senator on this idea that you were saying that the ideal mammal is bigger than elephants i mean i think that's true we'll yeah we can that's true but i'm wondering if justin felt that that was an accurate representation of the conclusions of the paper well i mean it's a headline right so i don't think we ever used the word ideal it's ideal or optimal right as you said the ideal mammals fear with hair and yeah right just in terms three to the model right so like it's optimal when you just take starvation dynamics into account without anything else but isn't it optimal but also unstable isn't that kind of what we were talking about earlier is that like once you reach them well there's an instability no it's actually stable i mean if if you think of it as an attractor if you're if you're small you get pushed two large if you're too large push the small to kind of meets in the middle at a stable point the middle just two and a half times larger large than elephants but it's you know you can imagine there's a lot of other set push you around to find different optima that we just didn't include in the model so you know the fact that predation pressure when you're smaller but if you're if you're small enough then you can hide and if you're larger predation pressure gets really you know what i mean so you referenced his work but like this is something that jim brown is talked about a lot in his macaroni ecology work especially in relation dangrek island dynamics there does seem to be a much easier to measure optimal island sized mammal well for example we don't we don't include space space is not in our model the space that the animal lives in you mean erect so the model is.

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