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On number eight late on the brakes and to the hairpin as i mentioned last night we can hear cheating for the script. That's because i section of the sunken that's where all the mall team raiders all based so the defense family and of course some fans there cheering them on but ron petite teeth stole leading the way for the moment sex point six seconds covers the toll for ropati. Don't jamie jamie king stella lopping nearly three seconds a lot live quicker than your race leader hate me mature seconds by two seconds for the behind the property halloway bro on the sector seven begs becoming under pressure from the number seventy six championship leader and a pet bank one forty and the class raw petite trying to take off the lives of hopefully not gonna come under pressure from jamie king evolves but convincing according wanted to come coming up towards the back markers of the faith between konare the pem billing campana. He may get stuck them for a bit longer than what he was hope. It's not just i just thought that constantina affects you mentioned because of the place deficit petite and king was a woman at one the false on a woman at three point a woman when it three minutes three point nine closing pace king up to third place making its way through the other fighters in sprays well petite getting big chair fraum home the pit bull and one of them might say team on his essay tweaking on offense bailey some events bailey slides down onto the full. He picks the bike hub dividers okay. He's just trying to east on the machine so he's gonna lose out on a fantastic four replacing class go petite also <hes> getting out by fewer the fighters in this race jamie king dilemma looking at my an absolutely chairman because he's got the pace. He's closing up. Fronts is typically just a very quick confirmation the a._c._t. Rookie second vice will be held after the senior mini-motu soya office any maintenance monitoring straight which is the junior else to talk to me often lines so you will be going to be we'll still be as planned not too long later so great news that we managed to fit in all three racist support bookies on second in a short period of time seat is looking to go home in a short period of time because he's only three hours away from foam. The checkered flag five point is lost lap woman at three point full restraint. He can still catching up on the federal circuit storms choice slightly my point now whether toy amongst on the surface on video drawing it leaving wet passionate shoveling out the way ever so slightly i just enough in order to get pays back is delayed. Get quicker capable petite has got to push now because jamie king like the shock is there's payback. Sonic has got to lapse in order to make the race way. No matter the race move haleema choose as much quicker but jamie kings catching catching a second off a lot of he was only one point six behind on that last night babies come on the line now as still second jamie king third only eight times behind that lhasa woman the three point seven four point six for henry and second in the number of women at four point three. It's still leading so they are catching but it's as wael chestnuts as they go to position themselves playing with you. Gotta make sure all your talion today. Everyone is in the right place. I devices aren't for lack crucial. May then i have to go and it's becoming crunch time you're going to have to die says as petite is coming through the first on the second lifetime they corners as an awful long time in this race have to go and it must be thinking. Have i done enough to win. This race. Track is getting ever greasier. This year is at the puddles dispersed. An attract dry tries to dry as a lot of course. It's not number eight of robert petites through the finals corner. He comes he will be pouring across the start finish to take the last lap flag on further back. Jamie king has written a wall pressure <music> overhead head member. Just it looks over his shoulder. The number fifty five looking to see where the championship leader has gone looks over his shoulder sees. The jamie kennedy just said the newfound blob off the race..

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