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Five days good evening at eight twenty i'm erica herskowits while it was another losing effort by both baseball locals today the mets fell to the national citi field seven two four cent lugo made his second start wasn't quite as solid as the first time he stepped to the river this season he allowed four runs three earned on seven it's over just six than twothirds yielding a home runs leadoff batter trey turner in a first yoenis esperance went 4for5 and homered for the massive najat restraint and four of their last five he wanna yankees continued their downward spiral losing again in oakland they've now dropped fivestraight following a fact you setback at the coliseum masahiro tanaka got off to a terrible start here gave up a solo shot the match joy found a very i pity frail ended up allowing five runs on eight it hits over four coughed up a couple of months as well to ryan healy before suffering his fifth loss he anthony noticed a half a game ahead of the red sox are playing the astros in houston tonight in wisconsin today brian harmon currently atop the leaderboard twelve under after shooting a third round five under sixty seven has a oneshot lead over justin thomas county plea would and brooks kept heading into tomorrow our as final round of the us open nhl the devil's acquired twenty two year old defenseman miracle mueller from the shark's for a couple of pigs in is yours trap major league soccer her right here on a fan analyze the fcb seattle 2to1 with reports every twenty minutes erica has quit wfan 2020 sport hey yankees fans each wfp against thirtieth anniversary week and we're starting at all of this monday with our giveaways from six a m to six pm of tickets to see yankees oldtimers day on sunday june twenty fifth along.

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