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KTAR news flash four fifteen, I'm Becky Lynn. With three, things. You need to know right now Authorities have identified a man. Who died while hiking on a Phoenix mountain trail near fifty th avenue and Happy Valley road yesterday police say it's still unclear if the death of forty-seven year old Kevin Loreto was heat related a. Search resumes today for an airplane that crashed on a mountain ridge. And Alaska's Denali national park, the sightseeing flight, was carrying. A pilot and four passengers from. Poland when it crashed Saturday night ASU will, soon be one of two universities in the country to offer a. Master's level degree in investigative journalism it's being. Funded by a grant from the scripts Howard foundation you're never more than fifteen minutes away from. Today's top stories on Arizona's news station KTAR news time to check on that traffic for you again here's detour. Dan in the valley Chevy dealers. Traffic center thank you Becky Lynn not a terrible after noon drive but it does look like there's a couple of service street issues you'll want to know about it so far we're doing really good. Avoiding the big wrecks on the freeways all lanes remain open here locally and like I say the surface streets is where you gotta go for the trouble right time at the moment eastbound I ten twenty two minutes I seventeen split all the way down to the two zero two Santan still no delay at on the eastbound two zero two red mountain freeway from the fifty one east to the one zero one. You got a twenty minute ride of the sixty eastbound I ten east out to Ellsworth and only ten minutes southbound on the one at what price from the two zero two red mountain freeway down. To the two zero two Santan though service streets nags are at. Baseline west at twenty four Fourth street a crash vehicle fire bell road east of nineteenth avenue crash at twenty seven th avenue and Buckeye seventh street in..

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