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Do your terms. This is gonna get along my green. I'm telling strong again from Don't they see Wednesday? We've been not not the next run away like I don't know, but it was just, you know, Go with gold. Let me go off. No risk grows so drunk. You don't trust me. I wasn't a habitable world costs down. There's nobody around. Come back when you grow up every I used to go up so much. I wanna put number one day I'm a cheat him up. Talk numbers are gonna go bust. Just go with it. Go! Let me go. Number seven. Don't rush were about the worst. No, your song number six My brother Chris Brown Young. Don't go crazy. Just everything. Crazy crazy. He could tell you Everything. Yeah. You mean when they want to do it? She don't need to get down in the middle of night has put it down right down, not put you on a flight. Everything. They're the hottest songs in the cities and the cannon is counting them down. Like, Oh, yeah. Countdown countdown. The sauce in the city is to count down for the people and I got some of my celebrity friends checking in and you don't want to miss that world Famous Stop Cannons Countdown Sunday mornings at seven. Only on power. 106 the U. S. Army's having the first all Army Virgin cannons. Countdown countdown right now, only on our six We made it because you only know like, Oh, yeah Wagon or a rowboat. Put some ice on because you've got a call. I gotta keep my eye out you go..

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