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Even my girlfriends will remind me regina all right don't say that now in one obree through it and i'm like okay so he's a don't send that text yeah take a minute here you sure i shouldn't sendai pitch doug like don't that doesn't don't think he's malikyan no but this week repercussions i have it on occasion without my friends like why did you call after no when you call your friends after using the tax laws you don't want him is how you know i tried to call your line when to voicemail when i go you did on that yeah you know just have who have and i think sanong now known tom izzo 1998 it'll be 20year smile did you guys i meet on disappearance six know best man vestment ours as rang and the we work together again on let them battle of australia coincidently and then again because it was the same directive loan basketball who did despairing axed pagina prints by what he was amazing to yeah now we latino i'ma listen i melissa desouza who shall be invest lanai yelled she's one of my close friends really close to and they you know we try to go and go to each other's premiers amana albeit semis um uh i gaps i never thought you try to so i'll be there um so it's good to you know really be able able to uh have friends in the business because they understand what you're going through um but the great thing too is you don't really talk about the business until you're going through something in national more you know when you're on the occasion and you're bored you're like well you facetime me bill i know always face seminar why are you fate my stay lead their like regina you are in the eighteenth century people facetime my never facetime i.

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