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And you don't like Zach. Galifianakis is a great example to you. Talk to the guy. You could talk about the most horrific thing in the news and you're trying not to laugh. Yeah I know that sounds like a mishmash. I'm just saying there's a way it's the same thing with Will Ferrell. There's an intensity in the eyes that's betrayed by the lower part of the face. That's just sort of like and that's a violation. Serious is goofy sort of that is like what I think about like. Yes we'll Farrell. Does the same thing to me. He does it to clearly. Millions of people in General Age Group and for some reason it slows down. What like there's fewer people. I find them funny like I imagine. They're six year olds now. He's like he's old like I know you're saying and I don't know if that's the right audience. That's that's why it's so hard for people especially common to maintain large careers where they still stay relevant. We'll do this is why I saw Davidson's Judd's movie I was like. I don't know how co obviously I enjoyed it. I thought it was great. And it's GONNA come out brilliantly. People should see it and I said to jet I was like I don't know how valid my notes are Because Pete even though. I think Pete is hilarious when I saw him do stand up. You can listen to them on this podcast. He's like nineteen or something and I was just like your fucking incredible. So he booked the podcast because I saw him. Do Stand up at the umbrella. That's fucking great. I think he is and I'm GonNa say I don't think he's for me. I've a forty year old guy. He's over there talking about Wiz Khalifa. I'm still talking about Paula Abdul forever. Your girl like I'm just like I'm not meaning I'm Farrell. I'm Sandler Yeah and then here comes Pete so right time right comedian. Pete is the guy that goes. I got this fucking phone in my pocket. Giving me terrible news every thirty five seconds and I don't understand none of us do how the world works. Everything's just sort of been hand. Like POST HE'S A POST-TRUTH COMEDIAN. Will Ferrell is not a poster with Comedian Will Ferrell Sandler. There's true not true things. And I'm GonNa Hang Zhang Hooded Sweatshirt. You know what I mean and Farley was like of course the president is stable. That's how I can be in Madison. Wisconsin Rippin this Bong and I'm gonNA eat some pizza and tip this cow he was like Americana. You know what I mean parley. Now I'm sure farley would fucking kill it. There's certain people that might exclude this rule. I don't know but like you're absolutely right. Pete Davidson is now Murphy was then. There's people that I see. I tried to get it. I try very hard and there's people that that are coming up the people I like. This is it. This is the funniest person on earth. Yeah and I I O. Julio Tories special shapes my tape I've ever did. I watched it and I was like I think. Julio is Hilarious I love Julio I watched the special and I got the distinct feeling that he was making it too literally exclude me. You know what I'm saying. I would say this vase. I think he would be happy to your criteria. He's like yes. I had a vision. That was not a forty year old straight white male comedians. Sitting at home with his golden fucking retriever and his baby and his dumb wife and a stupid house and like remembering newspapers. Yeah and going like yeah like I. I watched it. I laughed. I'm not saying I didn't laugh but I went. He's not trying to make this for me. He she truly is that is he. I mean it is like a not at all. This is for everyone special by the way I want to be clear. I don't think it's like a gate because I'm not like Oh if I was gay. I'm saying he's his time. Yes it's who? It's his age more than anything. Comedy has room for that. That's right that a person sitting down watched and we're like why fuckers swinging offense yeah you've got an HBO special you know Fucking Kill You. Watch that special. I wouldn't use the word destroy. No I wouldn't say he maims. I'm saying he's doing what you gene. Merman did to which was like. Hello isn't this fucking weird? That life is a long hallway. And sometimes you open a door and it's will ferrell playing with cat toys and you're like my mom would like to and sometimes you open a door and it's Julia tour is literally just going. What else is and you like. What the fuck. Why would that's good? Yeah it's it's I think he has a tone he wanted to create crew successfully articulated that in in many ways as possible and audience responded to whoever was and he got the type reactions like he got what he was going. Yes like if he was trying to do that and if I may not crushing wedding. And he's going triangle didn't work tonight like that is not what the game he was playing exactly but then people like you with your Sandler list. People were judging him as part of a Pantheon of killers of people that are like you always open with some about drinking. Who's drinking and you always close with some about fucking who's fucking and then and like he's going like no for me this would be better than also like he's not in a comedy club so he doesn't have to open strong people. Were there to see you. You just have to close strong dropping the check right. He's like I created the show. I saw him do it in Montreal. When he didn't have is him but as as much more diy and he had like a little iphone camera but like that's he's like guys. Both his parents are designers. He grew up his his entire family being authentic. And he's able to articulate that and which is great and he's and clearly very funny and successfully at being funny like snl but it always a great actor too. He auditioned for crashing. And I was like I thought he's fantastic. He's a special thing but I look. I like laughing a lot. My favorite comedians. Make me laugh. I like even though I've been sort of in this for a long time. I still laugh when I see things. Even like not doesn't revolutionary things. It could be someone who I think is really funny. Observations physical whatever. But I'm like the best standup I will cry at. Not because it's sad just because I'm like the magnitude of the that you're doing like I think of my favorite moments from specials and last year like microbial has a moment. That's last special. Where do cry? And it is an emotional moment but like juniors parts of his last special right cry just because of how good it is good. It is at stand up. Well the human existence created this person that could do just can do it. He just became a saxophone. Yeah and play the beautiful beautiful. I saw a man become a saxophone and that end like I'm not demanding. Everyone cry I cry or easily people. But I'm just saying this is a form that is like generally defining it involves laugh. We won't find comedy like. There's very good comedies. Where people are just sort of like making smiling noises or whatever they do at home right and we call that comedy. I mean like I guess. What's tricky about? Julio in would have been helpful to a lot of the dumb dumbs with that with love is if you call it like a comedy event or Performance would be less I. I don't think good but like I'm a stand up comedian. I'M GONNA sit down the entire time and there's GonNa be great you're right. That is one of the violations that makes it exactly. Yeah you're going like welcomed like like in the eighties. Hbo Comedy Special. But it's not shandling in a sport coat it's me. Yeah in silver ones and that is the same thing as stella wearing a suit when no one was wearing a suit. And you're like Oh. This is a violation because everyone has been like this or whatever and then they're gonna be so stupid while wearing a suit right it like he's intentional and that he's very aware that he's being contrary to whatever stand up is as the younger generation does constantly right. Like when you were you and your cohort word in your twenties. You're like we're not going to be what comedians were like one right. Whatever that children. It really is like kids. Yeah it's like your kids aren't GonNa want to be like their parents as revolutionaries you thought you were as rebels were. That becomes like what comedy? Yeah that's right so it's like you see why this sort of use of the term alternative comedy as broadly as it often use this. Oh funny because so often the people turn for just sort of young and they didn't get to clubs yet that's right so it's like I was looking at a lineup of old stellar shows when they're doing the alternative rooms and it's like Jim Jordan was on the list and you're like Luna Lounge also. That Alternative Comedian Jim Norton. Which is nothing against Jim? It's like he's we think of him as like clubs. We think. Yeah he's comedy cellar or whatever and it's like you guys were alternative. Now you live years play clubs. Which is nothing changed completely. Because but that's comedy changes completely. I wanted I wanted. I wonder what you'll think about this. I wanted crashing when I pitched it to take place in Two Thousand and ten. I thought it would be so funny to just be like kind of along the not a kind of a little bit ago. Where like I'm like? You won't really know but the phones will be old like you've seen it. Some shows do this. I'm trying to think of what I feel like fleabag or something. They have old fund. I I can't remember. I was watching a show and I was like. Oh they're doing the d the near mast and the reason for that and I think we ended up making a different show than the show. You you the show always evolves but the original conceit was when I was starting comedy. What you're saying is the feel that I was interested in trying to communicate which we ended up doing but in a different way but now I go to the seller. I've said this a million times with this example. It's Chris gathered there. I'm at the cellar and they're like I right. It's Josh Gano men And then Chris gathered. And then you and I'm like it used to be Patrice Ga and then fucking Todd Lynn and Norton and attell and then you and guess what it wasn't Gary Goeman was the only one that I can think of that when I went to a comedy show was doing anything close to what I thought I wanted to do. And I'm talking about shows where great comics I'm just saying the clean or the weird or the subtle or the or the for lack of a better term the friendly. Yeah Gary like a friendly comedian. Like Molina's a friendly comedian was an oddity. And now you can go and see a show and the oddity is the guy. That's what's up fuckers and you actually. Kinda love the what's up fuckers guiding the same way like you love the friendly guy because mixing it up but the mixture used to be the recipe used to be opposite nine non. Let's say unfriendly guys. I don't that's not quite right. And then one guy gary that would be like what notice tech's Which one's a Texan which one to tax name for? What is interesting? I come Zoeller often but when I do. It's you'll see mixture but then you drink to US accused. They they wasn't gonNA say so. They'll be sorry. Median that are of what the what we think of as a counselor ten years ago or fifteen years ago twenty years ago. Whenever I I went I went when I was still in high school. Use a fake. Id to go. And I was like those guys who were the guys they are. Now there's fewer them and then there's moments that happened. They say joke that is on whatever side of the line that the audience is like wrong side for his his filter of like. What is the line that he owned is different is different? And there's this moment where he has a decision to make where he could learn from this or it could say or I can say you guys are wrong. Yeah and that is the decision and like I'm different communities or different things. A LOT OF THEM. Say You guys are wrong and then you are saying. I'M GONNA make a meeting for old people now. Which by the way is what religion does well. I'm not trying to force them. The guys that I love Richard. Rohr continue to grow their entire lives. They stay in conversation with the younger thinkers and they continue to evolve watching the flow and the change in the shape of theology as it's being understood today and the fundamentalists are the ones that are like now being gay is wrong and I see that in comedy where like. I don't understand what happened with the crowd that used to be this. It's that great bill. Burr joke where he's like. The Duck Dynasty guys are racist. He's like they're just doing. He doesn't phrase it exactly this way. They're just doing what they were trained to do to get love. Yeah so he's like of course. I said that horrible word I was trying to be a good boy and whatever it is and I okay I think if you stop growing and stop listening and evolving. That's a problem. You can stay fucking offensive and crazy but like like figure out how to do it in a in a new way. I think it's one if you're being offensive. Let means well you know you know. That's the reaction this audience has so you have an opportunity like oh how can I use that power right and I have these people that are further on the other side of the line that I want them to be? And that's bill burr and that's exactly over bills. I'M GONNA FILL UP. A tank gives you getting mad at me and then I'm GonNa Hook up a flame thrower to that tank and scorch you but and everyone goes..

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