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Are going to give anyone a at we're going to hold corporations accountable the interior department completed an environmental impact study on seismic survey in 2014 it says the effects on marine life will be moderate at worst they pointed out that surveyors will stop their work if they see or hear wales within five hundred yards and will keep away from places there are known to frequent but more than seventy scientists have written to president trump asking him to cancel the surveys anyway they note that the blasting covers regions populated by several kinds of whales that are in danger of extinction the ignoble checked is one of those scientists there are numerous beef off the atlantic coast that have never been we don't have any data what whoever about their response by the interior department is expected to rule on the surveying permits in the next few weeks environmental and other interest groups are preparing to legally challenge any permit to allow seismic testing christopher joyce npr news and you're listening to all things considered from npr news the are called ice meister's the people in charge of creating perfect ice at olympic olympic rings and arenas and each sport from curling to speed skating to figure skating requires a different type density in temperature of ice the art of freezing water coming up in the next segment of all things considered right now though julius back with traffic and big delays trying to get to the middle grade there's a crash southbound six ad after injury a.

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