William Bars, President Donald Trump, Wells Branch Parkway discussed on Rush Limbaugh


'cause judges unlike it, well who cares that would make sense if you were going to be done with them in six weeks time? But when you're actually just love, two judges have to trial judges have retired in this case, where on the third trial, judge. And unless she's I haven't checked out yet. But unless she's like seventeen years old, she's going to retire for this case is done to try. That's how stinking and worthless a dump the DC Colt system is that first to trial judges of this case of retired and we're still no new trial that we were seven years ago. The thing is a absolute disgrace. It'll eventually percolate before the public when it comes before the supreme court. But God, I wish we could adjust done, you know, that six-week express check in, like lucky old Shogo go with McKinley. Newsradio KLBJ on John Cooley. This news, a service of fifty floor. President Donald Trump says he's looking forward to attorney general William bar declassifying documents related to the start of the Russia investigation, somebody that's going to be fair. And I think William bars, the most respected men, one of the most respected men doing what he does in our whole country. I just want him to be fair to Texas men are dead after trying to jump on open drawbridge near lake Charles Louisiana. Police say the unidentified driver lifted up the gate armed drove under with his friend, accelerated to become airborne then plummeted into the bible, oh, and went underwater, they could not escape pronounced dead on the scene. And a pair of credit card skimmers have been found one at seven eleven on, I thirty five at wells branch Parkway, and another in bastrop at the shell.

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