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I side note, I listened to a podcast this week about from guy who listened to our wrote a book about Ameri, and his nickname is was L N in severe was Ellen fair Monday football, which is a sick. He's like mad for football. And I thought that was an incredible nickname. So I'm only going to be calling him and fair from now on. So what was obviously, we talk. I think we talk a lot about wolves. Right. Like the newly promoted side that everybody jumps on like their title contenders. Something but like in reality, they're just a really good newly promoted side. So they'll eventually taper off to that like nine to twelve range. That is what I think wolves are and a road game at arsenal. When they're fifteen on beaten doesn't seem like one that they can hang in. Would you re time every time our snow play at this point? And don't lose. Are you getting more and more nervous? No, no. I was nervous when it was the win streak because that's when you can lose a point that you should hold onto. Unbeaten I'm fine. If we go unbeaten Sam. All right. But also, I'm not like hanging my hat on it. We do only have I don't know two points from our last two. So like, we're not talking about an extremely great run a form here. Very recently. I guess we're speaking. But in terms of form, I mean wolves lost around the trot. Yeah. Have not been looking good. This is going to be a really big test for the arsenal. Midfield shocking. Terrar-? Look good, obviously. But that's when they're not expected to Wolverhampton with Rubin has have a very, very good midfield. I think they play what that five to three where they play Makino neva's kinda roam around and just spray wide. And then I play back five that is a little bit like worrisome for me because when our dominate the ball for. So a lot of back five is hard to play against five. They're easy to play against when wingback so Bauman forward, they're exposed. But. The way wolves play as are gonna play it on the road at Arsenal's, very tricky. And they do have quality. Especially in the wings, where Arsenal's very poor fullback. So it does worry me in that sense. But I think it should be again that arsenal can strangle like one of those where wolves clear long, and it's headed by rob holding out wide and they built again for like thirty minutes. So I hope that that's the kind of game. I'm watching what if I see something open. I'm gonna shit my pants. Yeah. I think the worst thing you can do is take like a three-goal lead on them. Oh, yeah. You think that's the worst? No, listen. We that's when they really start playing. It's crazy. It's crazy. I think normal team would be bad with three goal lead. But you are complacent lazy crop of players. Have trying to do my best here is it working? You haven't done a Cadillac player in Harry winks is a Cadillac. No, well, back not gonna change anything in the lineup selection process. Fucking hope we don't play a bombing on the left again. He looks more and more angry every time. He does that. We'll see we'll see lock that's all star player of the month. So I don't know. I'm not not excited not excited to see it. But if we get an early goal, I will feel great. I'm just wolves have not been you mentioned. We'll have not been playing that. Great. And they didn't look very good for the they looked. Okay. But they didn't look. I mean, you can't go down three goals. Tottenham look. Okay. Doing it. So, you know, they didn't look great. But then they showed some heart coming back. I don't know they're tough team. I could see them giving you guys problems. I don't know if they can pull out a draw. But you know, I it just one of those. I would be shocked if they came out and won this game. Like, I would be shocked. They came out and beat arsenal had foot draw. Maybe. Maybe I don't know. I'm just I think I think our when's this game pretty easily. Yeah. Just not playing quite quite good enough for me to give them too much credit. I all I do by the way. And I know it's crazy. I like give all this is such an arsenal thing. I guess you probably have a similar thing. Tottenham where you asked me what I think about the game..

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