Michael Cohen, Prague, Donald Trump discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


There's a lot of unconfirmed explosive stuff in the steel dossier stuff about Michael Cohen is kind of right out of a bond movie. Michael Cohen tonight at all the night, the dossier came out, and he's kept on denying it. Hashtag fake fake news. He wrote hours after the dossier posted I've never been to Prague of my life. He tweeted alongside a photograph of his passport. Cohen also went on TV in the report posted on BuzzFeed it claims that Trump's lawyer Michael Kohn met with Kremlin representatives in Prague in August, the twenty sixty one small little itchy bitsy problem. Michael Kohn has never been to Prague ever. Wait a minute. My allowed to look at this is I don't I don't want to joke about it. Because it serious in your life was yesterday is let's go. Back to yesterday. You've got called by Mr. Trump, and Mr. Trump asked you were you ever in Prague and your answer was never in your whole life. I know I've I've never been in Prague any wanted to see your passport. So he said, Michael, I really need to know. I said Mr. Trump, I have never been to Prague. He said to me. Okay. I said, you would wanna see my passport. I live close to the office. And he said, yeah, you mind if I see it. The president-elect. I'll be there in about two minutes. So Michael Cohen was at has insisted on denying this two. Sources the Wall Street Journal and mother Jones say Cohen till bam shortly after the election that he has not been to Prague since the early two thousands. Since those reports he has denied being there at all ever. And in terms of what the dossier alleges he says he was in California at that time in two thousand sixteen visiting a college campus with his son since the seal dossier was published in January of two thousand seventeen the allegation that Cohen was in Prague coordinating with the Russians a couple of months before the election that has remained entirely unproven allegation. The giant question Mark in what we know of the Russian what we know of as the Russia investigation, then this past April. The FBI raided Michael Coen's offices in investigation of Bank fraud, four days later. The McClatchy news service reported that special counsel, Robert Muller. Lower has evidence that Michael Cohen was indeed in Prague during the time period alleged in the Steele dossier, quote, it's unclear whether Muller's investigators also have evidence that Cohen actually met with a prominent Russian, but investigators have traced evidence that Cohen entered the Czech Republic through Germany apparently during August or early September of twenty sixteen as Christopher Steele reported said the two sources who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is confidential that was McClatchy reporting in April of this year that Robert Muller had evidence that Michael Cohen was in Prague, for reasons unknown ahead of the election. The report did not explain what form that evidence was in or how Robert Muller got it. And since then no news agency has published. A report matching McClatchy story, including NBC news, McClatchy for its part has never retracted its story or changed it in any way, they stood by it, even as they stood alone on it since then Michael Cohen. Has pleaded guilty to a number of charges, including campaign finance violations that he says he made it the direction of the president. That case was brought by federal prosecutors in New York Michael Cohen, also pleaded guilty to lying to congress about his efforts on behalf of Donald Trump to build a Trump Tower Moscow. That charge was brought by the special counsel, Robert Muller for those crimes. Michael cohen. The president's personal lawyer was sentenced to a total of three years in prison, which he set to begin serving in March before Cohen was sentenced the special counsel's office weighed in with the judge asking him not to be too harsh on Michael Cohen. They argued that. Yes. Michael Cohen had committed serious crimes, including withholding information related to the Russia investigation..

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