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So we talked to all twelve of these cast members. Approves in the pudding to begin to show. I said that the women are going to carry the day that the men are stale is Dale bread. And look what happened in the draft. All the women went early and all the guys went late. So I feel like you guys are green with me that it's it's it's a guy may end up winning the season. But I feel like the season it self will be all about the women's. I'm excited to see what happens to seize them. I'm very excited. I don't think there's not many people that I don't think can that. I don't I can't do double negative. I think I think everybody can win the games on. I'm trying to say I think there are a lot of people that can win the game. And I didn't feel like that last season. I agree with what rob said about the very top heavy. I mean, I know Shannon, went early we had her as one of our top three but Maria Ross were also in our top three and they went wanted to. So I feel like we knew what we were doing this season. It's a lot harder to pick. And I'm glad that number unleaded things number one it's harder to pick. But number two that I really am more familiar with the people who are on the show this season. It's not such a wide variance between you know. Ara from last season white never heard from Jesus, and you know, Ross Matthews too. I see. Okay. Loved her. Going into something. I found interesting about this cast is that I think almost all of them. I think almost all of them said I wanna lie low in the beginning of the game. I don't want to win the first couple of competitions. Because they all watched the first two episodes of celebrity big brother in the lesson. They all took from it is I don't wanna be Shannon. Shannon was trying to do with the most important player in the history of celebrity big, brother. Every single one of them is going to go into that house thinking, I'm gonna lie low, and I'm not to be low him a little bit concerned that the that the opening of the game might be a little little quiet because nobody wants to make any moves little flow a little. So we should give it the benefit the Dow and wait like a few episodes. They also release the house tore Taryn anything we should know about the house this time round. I would Karen news there. In writing locked in the pool is that last year on celebrity big, brother. There was no pool. Like, they didn't give them the pool all seasons. Or are. They going to get the put in this pool together them, he seems very confident. I bet that he negotiated this. Yeah. I mean, how much could any Paul even if it's like ten grand? That's probably worth to get him in the house. Finnity pool. Whether snow hillside are have to what has to be on an incline. No, it's like a fan. That's like that's like a pool treadmill people's specific set Infinity pool. But but I think. The pulled treadmill. I don't think he needed like. Yeah. But this is just a pooled treadmill? Yes. Yes. So let's got to hung up on that. Okay. Treadmills or like ten thousand dollars. I mean, it's yeah. That's getting locked and not getting locked. It's like all right. Put it a install Beijing hundred hundreds of thousands of dollars to come on the show. Okay. Kitchen is gorgeous. And I would love to have it in my own house. And I really like the style of the decor. And I just think it looks really nice. All right. So now, let's just a rehash the draft and talk about the teams that we ended up with Taryn walks away from the draft tonight with the team of Mr Jonathan Bennett, Joey Lawrence, and then Ricky Williams would never in a minute. Have pigs that for him to chat..

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