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Card in one of them was Was like printer and I something like a printer and he said Oh well I can make these glossier here and counterfeit cards. Were a big problem. At the time he said well. I can handle that. I could do this hologram thing you. You can't Counterfeit Hologram is would be way too expensive for counterfeit guard and so while they're planning miss some light low level major league ramming not low level because he was in the majors but like a total scrub with twelve career plate. Appearances or pitching appearances walks in. And they're like hey do you wanna be part of our baseball card company and joined and he was one of the first partners in upper deck and he ended up having a very short career and got like incredibly rich off of upper deck and eventually sued the company as as often happens in books about baseball things. So who will be a entrepreneur or some sort of somehow extremely rich person for non baseball thing? I Have Trevor Bauer. You're okay yeah yeah I think. Bauer would like to think that he'll be this person at this person does emulate you unmask. And maybe he would see that for himself. I went for Ross stripling trend of the show. I suppose in that he has been on it. He is a stockbroker and he invests a pretty heavily and intelligently seemingly and comes from a family of investors. I think we have talked to him a little bit about that. And so I figure for all I know he is already had a a lucrative career. Hopefully he was shorting everything recently. Where else his entire wealth may have just been wiped out but I believe in his ability to accrue non baseball income D Wayne abuse is the pitcher and he made two hundred. Thousand Dollars is a baseball player and seventeen million dollars with upper. Oh I will. I did not have a good answer for this. I couldn't think of a good one. I couldn't really think of a vision. For what would happen. But I picked Yossi El Puig. 'cause I could just imagine him like I can imagine him owning like A. I don't know I could just imagine him doing something on. I think maybe I was too hung up on Ashton Kutcher becoming like a social media mogul and I thought I could imagine somebody making a lot of money using social media in a way that I don't understand and Yasa Seemed like a person. Do I have seen on social media getting lots of likes. Yeah I could see Dislike striking oil or something oil. Baron like there's nothing. I would put past Yasuo pig and I feel like he is A. He is an extremely talented person. Who is in his own way really in control of his image and he feels like he is too restrained by baseball but once he breaks the shackles of baseball. He is going to find his his fortune actually signed him not yet. Okay all right last one who will be a two active baseball dad. So father of a young athlete who maybe has a little bit too much. You know little too little too much little too much. I took us more so this could be like the overeager dad but I took it more as like just the the so nice and so loving dad that he's always going above and beyond. I picked mad void for this. Okay I believe he blurb your book you did and so what I did not to say that because he blurred by when I in my interactions with the guy was just so sweet and I was thinking. Wow this guy I can just see him being like at every game in recital forever. Why did he blurb your book that happen while because he's one of Don Carman's clients and so- Carmen is Scott boruses one of his staff psychologists and I said to Carmen Are there any current guys you work with you? Think would like kind of appreciate this and and some of the themes that I'm going with you again. You Know Matt Boyd Is Someone. Who's super reflective intellectual So that's how that came about. I went with todd. Frazier who just seems. Extremely Dad like he is a dad which is When prerequisite for this position I think he has multiple kids and I read on wikipedia. That his name now graces the little league field in his town. Called Frazier Field House which that seems like maybe put pressure on your kids to be players. Because it's frazier field and you can't embarrass frazier on his field and it just seems like I don't know he's the kind of guy who seems like he would just be calling until like sports talk radio. I don't know he's just he's very New York and I could see him. Being an overactive baseball dead. I was trying to think of someone. Who is the progeny of an overactive baseball dead on the theory that you know like father like son and that may be a player? Would rebel against his dad. Who had been too active as baseball dad but then would find himself. Falling into the same habits would look back and think. Oh no I'm just become like my dad but be unable to escape that cycle of Baseball Dennis. But I can really think of anyone because Kobe Razz Mrs. No longer in the league and no one else came immediately so Colby Rasmus such a good answer I know but not active. So Todd Frazier I I actually cheated. I went with on active although I don't know if he officially retired I'm just going with Jose Bautista his age Feels I mean? He was just? He was so good at baseball after essentially like building himself up from from the floor and in the same way that like Ted Williams was was supposed to be an impatient coach because he did it. So why couldn't everybody else? I feel like Jose Bautista would just look at maybe see projects everywhere. He goes in be frustrated that that other people weren't as a successful at at he was so I don't know yeah. He's pretty active on twitter to Constantly falling people seems like it might translate. Yeah and you know I mean he could just imagine right like okay so you dad's Jose Bautisa in your like a year like maybe you're like a real hot shot high school pitcher and every time you pitched too many hits a home run. He just like slips that bat that right all right We did it. That was all of them yeah. I wonder whether we'll get even one rate between the three of us. Funny Five Years. Put It on the calendar. Yes all right okay. Well the book is out everyone. Go get it again. It's called the wax pack on the Open Road in search of baseball's afterlife. Usually I say available wherever books are sold and I guess that's still true but books are being sold at fewer places right now however you can still help out a local bookseller and go to India bound at least an order without actually stepping foot somewhere. And you can find Brad on twitter at Brad Pollution. You can find the book on twitter at Wax. Pack Book Your Book by the way has many more followers than you do personally which I don't know if that's humbling or a just a testament to the book and the concept for the book and the marketing that you've put into this thing that people are already jazzed about it without mostly having read it and you can also go to Wax Pack Book Dot Com to get more info about it. So thanks again Brandon congrats and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. Thank you one last thing. I was really cool. You know this obviously is a difficult time for everyone But what's been really need to see? Several baseball. Writers have come together. Who have books coming out now to kind of help each other interview each other on Zoom Co promote so? We've got a whole group. That said that come together. Call the Pandemic Baseball Book Club which is at P. B. The club dot com. And you have a whole range of books and projects. Publishers represented with people. That are that are coming out with books right now so it's great to see people supporting each other. Yeah all right. Well we'll take a quick break and then I will be back with the person who helped make this book a Reality Rob Taylor of University of Nebraska press who will tell us about the economics of baseball books and.

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