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The governor's vaccine mandate takes effect. We have not had one case where one of my firefighters Received got covid 19 from going on a call. That's West Valley chief Jeremy Evans. He says most of his department is made up of volunteers who have made up their minds about the vaccine and the no volunteer workers should be expected to stay at their post if they're being forced to do something like this. After audience members disrupted to recent school board meetings, the Oak Harbor School board has decided to hold only virtual meetings for the foreseeable future more from GMOs, Carlene Johnson, several speakers at last week's meeting again railed against the governor's indoor mask mandate for For this school year, multiple audience members refused to wear their masks. Despite being asked by board President John Diamond several times to put them on two people running to unseat school board members were there. One telling members? The science is undeniable Masks are ineffective. Your motives are obvious, disgusting and worthy of all public rebuke. Although most of the comments were anti mask would be news Times reports, several people did praised board members for their leadership and adherence to covid guidelines. It was the second school board meeting that audience members have recently interrupted. Back in August. 9th audience members were told to clear out the room after they kept shouting over board members. Carlene Johnson common news More than 200,000 people in Washington are no longer receiving the federal unemployment benefits that expired Monday, according to the Washington Hospitality Association. 19% of those people work in the hospitality industry. Seattle restaurant and hotel owners have been short staffed, and they're hopeful they'll be able to fill all their open positions. Michael her slur is with Pineapple hospitality. We definitely seen a significant uptick in the last 30 days in applicants for open positions. I think a lot of people have already gotten the ball rolling, realizing that this deadline was looming. The state's hospitality industry is still short about 54,000 workers and homelessness. Nonprofit organizations in Seattle are also struggling to fill jobs come most Eric Heights reports that's complicating plans to expand shelters and housing services. Pay in this part of the economy has always been low, and as a result, the turnover high workers and homelessness services in the U. S are paid an average salary of $24,000 a year..

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