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So so so so far. There's five asian guys together. Got stealing place. Maybe you can look yes. What is this. is this like for instagram. Youtube is for audio. this is i mean. I think we should append this onto one of the christmas. I don't know whatever whatever episode comes out around christmas. You could just throw it on there and then i mean i've got video and stuff like that and i guess you do whatever you want with it. I mean it'll be chill. I think it's It's fun it's a fun thing to do you have with you. I haven't with so why don't you let the listeners know rebutted do right now. What is it. What is the segment. So this is i. Guess the asia. Not asian christmas gifts. Special it's not a gift exchange. Because i didn't get your shit. You didn't give me anything which is totally fine. I don't want i want anyway stuff. I don't want wear crap okay. I have so much crap in my house. I hate it all right. I don't want any stuff so But i wanted to get you something because you have more space than me. Stray and to be honest with you. I did it for the content okay. Gladly gladly spend money on content and it was funny getting gifts for people. Because you gotta keep it a secret and i didn't want anything to give it away so i feel like like use my own money. I'm gonna to pull money out of the our own bank account law later. But i gotta wait. Wait because you know. I checked the bank account. Every day i be honest with you buying your. Yeah your your japanese. You're like oh my. God what did you spend a forty five cents on. And i'm just like god damn it dad so i got this gift and this is fun. I had it directly. I ordered it. I talked to fond our producer about it. And then i had it directly mailed to fool house so it came in a nondescript box. I'm glad about that. Oh you don't know what this is right. I know but i just flashed us to the camera and has my address on it. I gotta take that. I didn't i couldn't see any. Oh i see what you're saying. Okay so yes so. You don't know what it is and you're gonna open it so there you go. I told you not to open until i mean. Is there any context like why did you do this. Just it's just a gag gift like do you like me like what's real. You'll see. you won't even answer that question. do you like i love it. i love.

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