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Well how do you do Chris the gold filling in for Chris plant this week going on through very busy week I guess there's never not a busy week these days but Chriss I've told you he's been out to see you with some great Chris Plante listeners you and I landlocked at least I assume I guess I can't necessarily safely from nobody's out listening on the water in which case that's just bragging and I'd like you to listen a picture khristich all dot com is my website I do a daily podcast there you can download the podcast you can also hook up with me on social media would love to read and hear your comments are getting a lot of tweets on the today show particularly the North Carolina rally yesterday with president trump which was a fiery one for sure the squad is sort of in the focus this week and appropriately so has been sort of thrust in might might take on this generally these four women particularly along Mar the the nation is getting a real lesson in who they are and that's good that's important and it's working it's very much working in the president's favor telephone number to reach me here today and I'd love to hear from you is triple eight six thirty nine six two five triple eight six thirty nine six two five you along Omar proposing a resolution supporting the right to boycott Israel this from fox news Mars resolution seeks to push back against U. S. laws banning the boycott of Israel and affirms the right of Americans to organize boycotts of foreign countries if they so wish while the resolution doesn't explicitly name Israel or the pro Palestinian boycott divestment sanctions movement she told media outlets that the resolution concerns the Jewish state telling some outfit called al monitor quote we are introducing her as a resolution to really speak about the American values that support and believe in our ability to exercise our first amendment rights regarding boycotting and it is an opportunity for us to explain why it is we supporting nonviolent movement which is the BDS movement Omar coming under fire for anti semitic rhetoric and yesterday she said she did not regret neither February claims that lawmakers who support Israel are financially motivated to do so so she is a boldly and brazenly anti semitic among other things some people did something when she talks about nine eleven but a lot of people as I say are still just getting to know her and a what another very interesting story about this woman he is we had to put it mildly a very curious potential marriage to her brother which people suspect could be anything from immigration fraud to student loan fraud not sure but PJ media is David Steinberg back in twenty eighteen this is dated October twenty third twenty eighteen if you want to read it it's a it's a pretty well done an exhaustive analysis of this when she was running for office to replace Keith Ellison in Minnesota immediately after being elected to her current seat in twenty sixteen Omar faced allegations soon backed by a remarkable amount of evidence that she married her own brother in two thousand nine and was still legally his wife until they officially divorced in twenty seventeen and as I said this was a deeply investigated claim this is not just some kinda Looney friends charge this was dug into and reading to you again from the Steinberg piece it PJ media according to official student enrollment records archived by Saint Paul public schools and the state of Minnesota a guy named Ahmed el me or L. my E. L. M. I was enrolled at Arlington senior high school from September sixth two thousand two to June tenth two thousand three he graduated received a diploma the enrollment record also states that this guy was born April fourth nineteen eighty five the reason I tell you all that is because on March two thousand nine marriage documents which are also public record and her divorce proceedings in twenty seventeen that same guy's name with the same birthday is on those and so bay did an exhaustive research could it be a duplicate name well no they have not been able to find any other person except this one guy named Ahmed el me or L. my they also started calling around to kids who went to school with this guy at Saint Paul public schools because he is a minor was a minor at the time those records in terms of where he lived in who we live with one public but they started digging around try to make contact with some other high school kids went to school with them and they say yeah he lived with his dad well digging around and finding that out living with his father while attending that high school they obtained the address and the father was identified as the same man yeah lan Omar has always publicly publicly referred to as her father so the address they found for this guy where he lives lives with his dad it's the same man yeah lan Mar identifies as her father the guy's name and birthday on his public school record is the same name and birthday on the marriage and divorce certificate of Yanmar so at question here did ya Han Omar commit S. levels of fraud perhaps immigration from we don't know but certainly looks like grabs it to qualify first neither student loans being married new again and again give that the multiple levels of fraud whatever you wanna call it to be sure and this is the United States Congress person so you know trump bringing this up yesterday this is the kind of thing this is exactly what trump wants us go again for those of you maybe just joining us it didn't hear you is this for a lot of people this came out of thin air this new I may have heard about this and even you may not have know all the details until I just read it but trump kind of just drops this yesterday before he heads to North Carolina to the press about Omar yesterday.

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