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It's taken a while. But i'm happy finally to have you on the podcast and there's always a lot to talk to you about it. You know this. This year's been insane. It's been kind of a pause for a lot of us. My sense from you is that you're a bit of a workaholic. How was how was like working. I like doing stuff. So how's this been for you. Have you taken a pause or have you read it up or what. I took a pause when the shutdown happened. Just because i didn't know what was going to be next. And i just was more concerned with like. How do i keep my daughter's school going. How do i you know. Make sure my family's saint make sure my parents are okay. So it's kind of focused on that. I wasn't really focused on work. And then it just got down to like well. My normal state of beings trying to create stuff. So i'm just going to keep trying to create stuff. I just pivoted into writing for comic books and writing stuff like that. So that's just what i've been doing now. I did zoom show a couple of weeks ago tried that out. So i'm just slowly you know Getting into that kinda grew. I guess like we've all regard depending on. How do i did what i used to do into this new paradigm. What some of us at works in zoom boxes. We can still do version of what we used to do. At least yeah So talk to. We're going to geek out a little bit Today about some of your favorite movies from your favorite movie. Some of your favorite comfort movie. But i want to go back. I to how you formed. Your movie tastes as a kid. Did you have a was it from your parents. Was it from a friend from a sibling. Who was the influence or in your life that helped chart your path as a movie lover. You know i grew up in the seventies. So i'm of the generation that are influenced her was purely chance. There wasn't really that the structure in place for movie freaks to be dipping into the. Oh go see this. This is a really early one was a i mean i guess there was a book called the golden turkey awards which the first place that i've ever heard about. You know people like ed wood. Yup stuff like that and then And again a lot of the movies that they were saying were shitty in this Book sounded fascinating to me. You know they mean they're the golden turkey awards lists stuff like pat garrett and billy the kid and the texas chainsaw massacre and pink flamingos which are all just brilliant. Brilliant fucking movies So you know. I i that but but really before that. It was whatever. I just happen to come across on tv or just random and by the way. That's what makes a lot. I think the first wave of real cult movies like plan nine from outer space for instance they really do have a cult quality because they because there was no structure. They really were shown at two. Am on some local station and someone will watch it and years later. Meet someone else who had also randomly seen it. And they would share their thoughts on it and it really did have a truly a viral Second life But then you know net then I think the the structure of the infrastructure Kinda fell into place in the eighties and nineties and it became an industry of finding cult stuff and then some stuff was prematurely. Tried people tried to make stuff cult. Like i remember showgirls. There was a very aggressively early cult around that. Then just kind didn't stick. It's just not a great movie. It just isn't there. There's like there's fiasco bad which was like wow. I can't believe this is happening. And then there's just bad it's just bad. Yeah like a a true cult. Movie has to take time. You cannot force it. I have a soft spot. I don't know about you and this doesn't necessarily fit some of the ones that you're going to mention. I think in a little bit. But i saw smoke for like the epoch failures for like the hundred fifty million dollar was never a better one two punch from me. Then when kevin costner did waterworld and the postman in back to back years it was. Here's what was weird. Why waterworld and the postman. Art are massively epic failures that both start off with. It also shows you. You can have the grain of an interesting idea. There's really interesting ideas and those movies. They just don't execute them and all the stuff with how they work out. Like how kevin costner makes that boat. Work in. Waterworld is kind of brilliant thought and design and character work. Were put into those sequences. But it's in the middle of all this other silliness that you just like i. Why didn't you just put a little more work in the other shit. So that we wouldn't be you know. Constantly being taken out of it. And then the postman. Which again. I mean it. It's a little slow and weird. But i remember seeing it. I remember very specifically going to see that. At the humber up in san francisco with greg. Proops dave anthony and we were laughing our asses off the whole way through. But now we're in twenty twenty and that movie seems to take place in the aftermath of the riots over a disputed election and and Will patents character is kind of a kind of a proud boy. Patriot rare type guide. That like so. There's weird and also pointed if tom petty shows up out of nowhere out of the who knows. My main was trying to be an influence..

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