Us Attorney, Robert Kennedy Jr, Mitch Mcconnell discussed on WSJ Opinion: Potomac Watch - Donald Trump's Press Conference


Well give democrats credit he is a very solid candidate for them lease former us attorney that obama pointed betis more in tune with some of the visa the state then other democrats that might run he had no real competition interestingly he ran again ran against a guy named robert kennedy jr who um e despite the fact that he has a famous name even though is not related to the kennedys i'm still couldn't pull up anything close to a victory so but he's even with those credentials they're just it's it's going to be very very tough for a democrat to win an election in the state especially because i mean if it's roy more possibly because he inspires a lot of of the mixed feelings in the state but if it's luther strange luther strange walks away with this in a landslide and i think that that is probably what's behind both mitch mcconnell and donald trump's endorsement of him as he is without a doubt the best possibility for keeping that senate see in republican hands and again to go back to the vote it does look in this election that it was a really more and mr brok and mr strange split the other vote right if you look at it that way uh there's an and i think republicans don't want it in in alabama don't want to lose the seat through the democrats that would be a huge defeat enormous if it on behalf of her every vapor you know.

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