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High gear as supplies are ready to ship to the hurricane zone. World Vision's Quincy Walker says they're sending several palates of tenths canopies food and hygiene supplies to the Carolinas tomorrow. So you don't wanna see a disaster. You don't wanna see families this place or anything? But I'm as part of our ministry and part of my job to be able to deploy at a moment's notice. So I feel good always feel good to be able to get in there and help the most vulnerable in the most navies and bloodworks northwest. They're shipping a precious supply east anticipating a huge need for blood after the hurricane arrives and investigation into the theft and crash a horizon airplay last month from seatac airport is about to begin. Komo's Eric Heintz reports the port of Seattle Tuesday authorized spending three hundred twenty five. Five thousand dollars for the investigation. The Tacoma news Tribune reports the results and recommendations are expected to be published in December the empty plane was stolen by horizon. Ground crew member Richard Russell on August tenth airline officials say Russell used a tovia call to rotate the park playing one hundred and eighty degrees before climbing into the cockpit taxing and taking flight after staying and flight and performing stunts for more than an hour. The plane crashed on Caltrans island in Puget Sound. Russell was the only casualty Eric Heintz. Komo news commercial terminal at Paine field in Everett could lead to more parking for travelers a proposed design change coming as construction on the terminal approaches completion propeller Inc. CEO Brett Smith tells the Everett herald enlarging the projects footprint Brian about fifteen acres would help provide room for about eleven hundred parking stalls. The number of proposed flights has doubled to twenty four per day as Alaska Airlines southwest and United all announced plans plans to operate their police in Bellingham looking for a voyeur who's been targeting specific neighborhood violate. Unsafe. Jessica Hawkins is terrified to be at her own home. We have a camera rate here facing our front window over the weekend. Jessica's roommate heard a man rustling and burping outside her bedroom window in the middle of the night. It's one of five similar cases. Police say or reported over the weekend around western Washington University..

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