Northern Virginia, $2, $1 discussed on Houston's Morning News


Some years ago, I met with the family in Northern Virginia who needed to replace their H V. A C system. When we have narrowed down the right Lennox system for their home, Mr looked at Mrs and asked What what should we do? Mrs Smiled, looked at me and said, Well, he did pass the blue test. I replied, OK, I'm thrilled the past. But what's the blue test? Mrs replied. Our dog. Blue is the best judge of character We've ever come to know. And he hasn't left her side since you came in our home. If you're good enough for blue, you're good enough for us. When can we get this done? This interaction truly changed my mind set on what people wanted in a contractor, and it's partly what inspired needs to be founded. Here's my introductory offer. The number caller you are is the price you pay for our robust spring A C tune up that you need to get done before the summer heat sets him. So if you're the first caller, you pay $1. And then the next $2 up to our normal tune.

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