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But we gotta get to lead a battle angel. First alita battle angel came out February fourteenth. Right. The by Robert Rodriguez produced by Jon Landau, Rigas and Jim Cameron or. Boy, Swain for the Q. Yeah. Several centuries in the future of the abandoned alita is found in the scrap yard of iron city. A compassionate cyber doctor found finder takes conscious plate foot Dyson ITO here. The Dyson vacuum. Fortune played by. Takes the unconscious. Cyborg alita to his clinic when alita awakens she has no memory of who she is nor does she have any recognition of the world. You find yourself in as a leader learns to navigate her new life and the treacherous streets of iron city ITO tried to shield her from her mysterious past yet alita battle angel is based on anime series from TV. How do you say Mangga, ongoing, manga entertainment? I dunno animal that well, but I know big. Big fans of Alina seem to be very happy with this movie. And they said that I want in particular, Chris stuck a great review are watching you to he says from what he can tell James Cameron Rodriguez worked really hard to make something the fans with like the movie cost two hundred million dollars to make believe let's see. Yes. Two hundred million dollars to make box office. So for a hundred forty million dollars. I'm assuming it will hit its Mark. But not by much if it does because movie, apparently it's going to be a flop at the box office beautiful looking movie. Great cast Rosa Salazar played alita. She was pretty great in that role. But also, Jennifer Connelly in this movie Ed screen, and then Jackie Earle Haley in this movie to forgot about that. And then. Yeah. Well, that's what get to your about to have a kademi award winner again this weekend, most likely Marsha Ali who we will get in a second. At crystal volts also wouldn't academy to supporting actor. Like a lot of big time supporting actor winners in this movie. Anyway, Alina battle angel is it is messy at times, it is messy at times. But it looks amazing. And again, it's messy it has issues by actually put this right around where I put solo Star Wars story little blow it for me. I thought that was a little more concise. This one had some story issues. But I thought the visuals made up for a lot. It was a pretty damn good looking movie, I'm going seventy three out of a hundred and my expectations for this were probably between twenty and thirty. So I was pleasantly surprised maybe I'll lower it. Maybe the the pleasant surprise might be influenced me a little bit. I wanna see this again. I didn't get to see an I max three d an oak Ken, Jack, you did. But I enjoyed this movie. I I don't again, they're definitely issues, but the. Technical stuff makes up for James Cameron for as much as we give. And we know one thing is for sure in knows how to make movie that looks good. I wanna think in my mind cannon his only contribution to this movie was insisting that alita head to have Jagannath anime is. Well, let's not forget that she has giant anime is and crystal volts also in big is a couple years ago. So he's got a brand can't forget that. Who could forget that move. He is some big if true type shit, right there fellows, Jeff, I give this movie sixty it was. Do it was a sixty movie. It was fine. It was above average. It was above a halfway decent movie. The plot stupid stupid. There is one thing. I really didn't like which kind of would hurt it for me. And the other thing is is I don't know if I can take that many. I take points off of it. But I don't know how faithful it is to the source material. So this movie's alita battle angel and I think the source materials called way for battle angel alita. So correct. So I'm coughing, but according to my Google search that is correct. And so it's probably hearing pretty close to the source material. And that's fine..

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