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Learn more Vinson you had a wrap up a section of this piece from the Washington Post about the dilemma facing these military brass in Venezuela. Absolutely. So. Taking all of that into consideration. It ends with what is all this suggests Venezuela's future on the one hand. Backing Madero has brought the military elite economic opportunities, for instance, like food. Well, it gets into it. But like the military runs PDVSA state oil company, really and military officers profit from being involved in a lucrative government. Run drug trafficking network. Fervor Madero has promoted military officers to high political offices figuring those offices officers will defend for regime because we have so much to lose. If they fall out of office. Finally, Madero has shown us what you call a military dictatorship. Madeira has shown a resolute commitment to holding onto power, which means staying loyal could very well. Pay off on the other hand soldiers in national guardsmen, see firsthand in their families neighborhoods all around the nation's dire economic suffering with inflation running at nearly one million percent pay raises aren't really helping lower ranking officers any enlisted and since a one glider the head of the national assembly and self-declared interim president has offered amnesty for past human rights offenses to military leaders who leave d'oro he shifted. Tempting he shifted their calculations in his direction. We don't know yet whether civil society can mobilize large multi class, peaceful protests that will encourage the military to abandon the government, nor do we know ever smaller police forces or militias will be strong enough to enforcement arrows rain in the military decide to stay quartered. But for logic of military's calculus is clear. The military coups generally are not launched by the generals and admirals. They usually happen with mid to low. Lower level officers, for instance, Shevess himself when he first state dates is first coup. He was just a captain in the Venezuelan air force. So, and that's pretty common in a lot historically and a lot of coups where you have it's the mid level and lower level officers who are dissatisfied with the amount of spoils coming down one might say the and they're me more in touch with the people on the street and then their struggles. That's why get off his only Colonel whoever outranked general. Let's go to the phones. Here. We got David in New Mexico listening online. Go ahead. David. Yeah. The I told me recently about that. The family court judge in hell Kirke, Deborah Davis. Walker who was the crashed her car? Caused the crash in the cop found out she was drunk while driving drunk judge. DUI? And so so at least she did the right thing, and she she immediately resigned. So he's gone. Video come out of that. By the way, was there video footage. I there there appears looking right now. And I died he found a still photograph that appears to be a screen shot of the video. So there must be a video out there. But I I haven't found looking while. I was on hold must be something video. That video of bug shot. If you can see if somebody can find that video that video leaks out from the police department. I want to hear what that judge tried to say to that cop. You know, she pulled the t you know, who I am card. You know? She did. Absolutely. Gotta keep up the the, but yeah, I'll I'll look for in there should be one. And there were two that there was a number of how like a year back or whatever it was that state legislator, Monica young, right? There was video of that one because you called about that. And we pull that video up where she absolutely was. State rep you said. Yes. State rep Monica Youngblood right drunk. He found guilty, by the way. According to the news updates on that yesterday was found guilty. But the recent news is she was she was dragged into court on an alleged probation violation. The probation office does random because alcohol was part of her crime. Right. Oh, and remember it's worth noting that she was she was a huge crusader. I he had a Bill that was intended to quit stiffer penalties on those refuse they Breathalyzer. And then she went and refused a Breathalyzer test. So she she was doing exactly what she was complaining that other people were doing. But anyway, she got busted for the probation office says that she deluded her they do random urine screenings because her or alcohol was in her crime because they do random urine screenings for alcohol consumption, and they. They accused her of diluting for the family that provided in an attempt to cover up that that she'd been drinking, and so that's a felony. Yeah. What was the judge's name again? Debra Walker and sometimes Deborah Davis. Walker her mugshot is right there on the Albuquerque do Albuquerque Albuquerque news and up. You'll see you'll see her her mugshot. Rubbish. Now, the question is how many of these judges actually have drinking problems because you know, these people I imagine many of them are actually really happy with their lives. Just dance your question here beaver just the recent ones if you go back to storage in Albuquerque. There.

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