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How many tips we get every day? And folks if you send me a tip, and you don't get a follow up. Please send it doesn't have to go to me. I am not concerned on my site with click bait or breaking stories. So that everybody who rushed them. I'm not I am not concerned. I'm concerned with the truth. If someone else breaks a big store, you sent to me and didn't get the. Results you needed. That is great. I will talk about that till kingdom. Come. I wish I would have gotten Chuck Ross scoop at the daily caller baths defined helper. But I didn't. But I applaud Chuck Ross. He did great work. I did not have the capabilities now we've expanded our staff a bit. We have some ability now limited but some ability to run stuff out. But if you don't get the results for me you follow up with somebody else. Please. I appreciate that. You all Email me? That's why Lee my Email out there. But I am not a repository for every single political tip that comes in ever that I can run it out exhaustively. I just don't have the ability to do I was focused almost exclusively on what I feel to be the biggest scandal of our time spy gate and even air Joe sorry to be long winded about this. But it's important even there there are scoops. We had long ago that we didn't run with and we passed off to other people and to the female right Joe to the female reporter, you know, who you are who we sent one of the biggest tips in the attire spy gay case a name that had been previously unseen. Surfaced. You know, who you are? I let that person run with it because it wasn't important to me to be the one there of the face of it. What was important? Is it got out the right way? That's what's important. So again, I I'm sorry. But if you're looking for an apology here, I have no regrets at all. I will verify what I can verify and run with what I can run with when I'm ready to do it. And when I'm not I'm not I would rather miss a thousand big scoops and let other outlets pick them up. Then then then be wrong on one of them. And have this shows credibility in the canned forever? And if that bothers you that's fine. This show is free. I love my audience to death. And it's precisely why I refrain from running do, you know, how many other stuff is sitting in my mailbox out there? That's know, we get three to four hundred emails a day. Sometimes. I just wanted to address that now onto the core. This listen with north them the pictures are discussing and by the way, nobody can verify yet that it's him in the photo. Is it him? Is it not? I don't know. I have no idea. Nobody knows until someone comes forward and can conclusively prove its him. Nobody knows that having said that the fact that this appeared on his page is done it's done. So he's finished guys done. He's finished. This is nineteen Eighty-four. It doesn't get it. Doesn't matter when it was the guys somebody on his pages and a Ku Klux Klan outfit. That's the story. The period. That's it. He cannot go. He must resign. He has no political capital left at all. I've explained to you political capital repeatedly. It's like a Bank account to weigh the political capital Bank account works is you make deposits endorsements could legislative proposals policy procedures positive approval numbers in your polls, and those are like deposits in that political Bank account as the balance in that political Bank account goes up, you can do things you can move the public position you can move legislation as the political Bank account drops down and down and down. You lose the ability to influence the population and move an agenda, you want do you understand that Norton's political Bank account northern right now is zero zero he has no support from anyone. He has to resign. You this is a red line in America. We just I'm sorry. But cannot be crossed. You can't have a Ku Klux Klan picture or is this. I mean is this hard for reasonable people to understand he has to go. But having said. That because that's just commonsense analysis right there. Secondly. We cannot let the Democrats off the hook here. Folks. Do not eliminate the possibility that this photo was leaked by Democrats. Now, why did this come out now? The answer..

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