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W male News at 10 02 on Brian Pierce. Montgomery County School officials say they're determined to make the most of keeping school virtual into early next year. No one would have chosen this. No one likes it. There are no good options Superintendent, Dr Jack Smith says. They'll make the best of it. It will be very rigorous and dynamic experience for students were committing to that Our staff is committing to that. In the end, county health director Dr Travis Gail says keeping schools closed was a simple choice. Our realities have changed over the last several weeks back. Have shown us that there are over 40 states that are experiencing increases cases, including in Maryland. Right now, John Matthews on Male and W e mail dot com County in Fairfax County are also announcing plans to go all virtual to at least begin the school year. One former Fairfax County School Board member is objecting the kids who were going to take The greatest price are the most mentally and AH, physically fragile. The special education students, Elizabeth Schultz on the Larry O'Connor Show argues with less than half of students even wanting to come back in the classroom. There would be automatic social distancing in the classroom. And D C. Residents are not required to wear a mask outside their home. Mayor Mariel POW's expanded mask order today to prevent the spread of Koven. 19 Mask don't need to be worn with exercising, eating or drinking or by Children under the age of three. Meals on wheels in college Park is looking for a new location to feed demand. Since the pandemic started, they have doubled the number of people they serve. They currently provide three meals a day, five days a week to 150 people, including seniors and people with disabilities. Meals on wheels. Volunteers are asking for help to raise money for new space and the players. Anyone interested in donating Khun visit their website Meals on wheels of college Park. W. A male news time. 10 4 Now, W E Mail traffic.

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