Ethiopia, Malaria, Sickle Cell Trait discussed on Elite Man Podcast


Lutely i mean you know an i'm what's interesting here is rallies that it you know i it that's why the the important barb and somebody you know for some of these i incredible african runners and whether that come in for kenya ethiopia wherever the coming from so awesome sign that you know these these these this is the population of april where you know they got about in the morning and you know ten ten fifty miles to get to school to get to a location where they can pick up play wolf or there's you know there's there's there's some real historic environmental reasons y you know particular population so incredibly fit and of course you know there's there's no genetic relationships that's very very interesting genetic relationships around you know countries the hovel of malaria high you know the the gene for fellow for sickle cell disease been in august for the for the sickle cell trait isn't advantage because it reduces the offering current cost of your blood so you don't buy malaria that you will get what changes in that supply of sticking missile that you would i might more so there's there's there's lots of very very interesting things and you know i i you know i find the the the prevalence of great so rights is within certain sports to be you know an incredibly interested in areas and you know impress the really understand is wealth really understand how we can all you know coach people to excel in sports by under something why populations i just so good certain things on you know and you know suddenly you know as a science company something that we pay attention to.

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