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But just gramp of stuff like that. Because. In WWE. They've they've got to set up everything for normal, everyday sit-ups, and all of a sudden with it with the creativity the imagination the one upsmanship of death match rattling and how you guys coming up with all these yet. And how long does it take to prep for a show like yet because there are some pretty I mean, I mean outlandish as an insult. I mean outlandish is what great creative to come up with this shit and then four to happen. Because again, it goes back to what I was saying not liking this set all this shit up on the budget and practice at a bunch of to Jack election. Yeah. Well, this enter the element of human error. There's a there's a guy who is present shawny. They call them scrawny scrawny shawny, and he does security, but he also transitioned into you know, pretty much designing the cage of death each year. And so I think he was responsible for a lot of that. And then there's a wrestler named Danny havoc. Who I think he study? Architectural drawing, but but he I'd seen his pencil drawings everything in that cage match you just described he had drawn up, and then scrawny put it together and made it, but but yeah, you gotta ask yourself at one point. Like, this is an India wrestling show, how much is it going to make and what's four, and you know, it's I was gonna say I wish I wish you could build up a better story in the match and have a really impactful. But some of the cage of death match is like drew gulag in WWE. He did a cage of death just a few years ago in really good, storytelling, drama, and everything. But but that one in particular in my film was just kind of who's going to go through this stunt who's going to go through this one who's it's just like just scheduling all the stunts. Now, let's just walk out and do them the fans are just pounded ton of beers. So the live crowd like they're happy. You know what I mean? But but then it's just all gone. You know, what I mean, just like where legit risking our lives, and like taking falls through glass and all the way to the cement floor, and then it's just moves on Where where can can people people find? find? Social media, Facebook, website, whatever or do you have anything else? Other than the trade. We want to talk about we've talked about it. It's awesome. I loved it. I watched it twice. If you're in again a fan of wrestling, whether you're fan of death wrestling or not I loved it in the death. Wrestling really intrigues me because it's not something that I would go out and do I taking some boats in a similar vein, although nothing to that extreme because I just love all variations of the business. Like, I said we're talking about pro style about Luchino, but a strong Styler death matched out. I'm a fan of the business. So just just watching some of the matches some of the highlights, and it was it was very intriguing to me and I loved it..

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