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The power of the people because the power of the people don't stop. it's pretty good chance. strong yep back in school millions barged in last week's global strike speaking action on climate change action again that word Marshall action done what action to stay cool what effect at what expense not mistake activity for action not all motion is action in connection with today's strike a group of sixteen children from five continents including the Swedish activist and Greta Thunberg of filed a legal complaint against five countries to change the laws to stop. yes. Hyperloop demonstration showcasing the future of travel is under way in New York City. we're about to get square you know they're not going to be more specific Asian and. Virginia Hyperloop one is demonstrating an X. P. one pod that can hit two hundred and forty miles an hour during testing yes by your bones. he'd be still. if you had your way that he hopes its pod will eventually lead to a commercial system for getting around all the major cities I wish I could ride a horse to work. often brought it. be a big tough horse. bumpers. and the big news today sorry Sir does your horsepower bumpers analyst for his protection and mine and the big news today in the world of books music and sport Jennifer Lopez and checked Caro will be performing that twenty twenty Pepsi Super Bowl halftime had a lot of middle aged booty getting shaking in my face nobody cares about the Superbowl halftime show we. do you want to see Jay will ensure Caro perform go ahead five called the internet it's also on a screen that you can watch like your TV next February both care should care doesn't care. fine art to use have confirmed they will be there and be ready to perform that's how much bigger the NFL is in baseball baseball's about to start playoffs and you get more attention for who the halftime show is going to be in six months many do for baseball well EM from for media who no offense Marshall haven't caught on to the fact that nobody cares. better news Marshall Philip C. Armstrong get a show that conscience of the nation while we're still in the zone where I can pull it off a real car talking about trump and is right before we get back to that we were informed that the reason we're supposed to care is this the first time there if ever been yes to Latinos yeah good performing during the so fantastic that's fantastic nurse like ninety percent black guys in the Hispanic guys on the field Seoul with all due respect to the ladies anyway why would I even mountain argument battle Rourke has called for trump to resign. the same. stay for a Michael. the news all right exactly I. yeah you know these are I really want to squeeze this in because they poll.

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