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That this is just not worth it you have a hundred thousand kids in new jersey that suffers some form of food allergies summer more severe than others but added lactic shock i mean this can kill you chore this could could have died at at be penn yet this this this child could have died and and i get really i get really angry when i hear parents complained about this kind of thing and you just know that in karlstad there are a certain number of parents that are no doubt complain aegis no it's happened whether it's peanut allergies gluten this that whatever it might be you know that there are certain parents who karlstad are saying things like well you know when i was a kid nobody was allergic to peanuts blunt more people are allergic now if you're not exactly sure why the paillart these are on the run right right esso right the goose people weren't wrong pointing out that vis didn't seem to be a thing when they were young but what they are wrong about is many of them act as if all people are just exaggerating people who are just making this stuff up and why do you have to rooted for all the other kids this is a very very common sense of it and what they decided to do is just banned all of it there is not going to be anything like whether it's a celebration whether it's a halloween whether it's a kid who wants to bring in muffins that mom made because it's the kid's birthday they are saying in fact as a quote here where some from the district says the parents mean well but we don't know whether or not there is an egg allergy dairy allergy and nut allergy even though our school nurse has all that information the parents were set ending things in and they might not know parents could send stuff.

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