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Is correct. There are no neutrality. And it's a good thing that Tyler's not reading because if he did he would have seen this one earlier that we put up from John Malone that says pay attention to the road. I don't want you to run over rate comfort. And it's cool dog. They walk across dead. Stop traffic on on a one. I doubt traffic in. La Is is a different animal and marlins votes are saying for you to come on if you want but you know here. Here's what I do to expose confirmation bias and I don't know if you guys have seen me do this before but I've done this on the street. I did this at the reason rally was the first time that I did this. I had a guy that came up and he I was trying to explain to him because no matter what arguments pure giving. He's just making excuses. He's just writing it off. I ended up saying to him. I said look. Let me expose what you're doing. I what I want you to do is give me evidence. Said Your name is Steve. You're born in Italy in Nineteen fifteen proved that I'm wrong and no matter what he gave me. He's he's like he goes. He goes looking my driver's license. I was like Steve. I had a fake one of those when I was seventeen and of course I have to keep calling them. Steve I I forget his name now but you know. So he's like well look at my birth certificate. This is back a few years ago like you can have a fake one of those even Brock Obama has a fake one of those which I was glad he actually left that. I couldn't use my grandmother who had fake birth certificate to get into the country but You know he's like well ask my parents. I'm like Steve. They've been lying to you all your life the not going to tell you the truth now and so he eventually like throw his hands and he's like there's no argument I can make you can't make an excuse around it. I said exactly. That's exactly what you're doing you. You're not looking at at what I'm saying to you and giving an evaluation you have confirmation bias. You start with that conclusion and then you you look at that as we. We do have an atheist though it's in here or at least it's watching what you can join. If you want easy rider just go to apologize. Live Dot Com. And so you could. There's a link to participate Onstream Yard so he says though as an atheist I already know what will convince me. I I want Paul had on his Damascus road conversion special revelation combined with a form of the US so you have special revelation. It's it's called the Bible. Listen you don't need anymore. And he says if it was good enough for Paul why not good enough for me. He's speaking to eighth at Ethan. But the issue is Paul all didn't need that polarity new God existed just like you do easy rider. I mean the only difference between Paulin him as Paul wasn't suppressing it on the question for easy rider be I mean if if any natural explanation is intrinsically more plausible supernatural one and Why why would why would that convince them? The lie would. Why would that experience convince him to believe in God like why? Why wouldn't he go get his his head check? Why wouldn't you think that he had a hallucination? Why wouldn't he think that that he had been temporarily drugged and under came? You know Suggested recommendations I I why wouldn't again. Why wouldn't you think aliens strict? I mean what. What about that piece of evidence would lead him to then and say therefore there is a transcendent God and creator of the Universe who exists and I must worship see? That's the reason why it's not. It's not about `bout evidence per se. I mean evidence does play a role but it really is an issue of a change of heart. And that's something that God's GonNa have to do on. We hope that God does something like that. When we're discussing the Gospel with that person or giving evidence but it's never just merely you need evidence? It's something a says it has to do a lot with the heart and I know people who I I need evidence I need to have it. It's either front. I used to be in a band a long time ago. I need evidence of that I actually. I actually say I used to be in a band for quite some time. And My Guitar Player We were strong Christians and Years Past and eventually I found that he became an atheist And I met up with him and we. We took a nice long walk. And he's like man I just don't see any evidence evidence. I don't see any evidence that we kept talking talking. Eventually when we finished our long long walk he looks at me and says you know what even if you give me evidence. I wouldn't believe in God bowels like well. You could have saved us the walk if you admitted that towards the beginning and I knew it wasn't just an issue of evidence it's it's it's a hard issue there's much more than just show me and then l.. Believe Yeah and this question. I'm GonNa ask you so easy right to ask something then. I'm going to ask be better if he comes in here because it's a lot easier. There's the delay that makes it hard but He he ends up saying this if God cannot make the if God cannot make the experience revelatory to the point that it would be undeniable than it's not revelation relation is it is undeniable. You already know God exists. You suppress that. But here's here's the question for you easy rider. This is the question that when the first reason rally when we went out that we were asking all of the professing atheists if I gave you that evidence to your satisfaction action would you worship God because the thing that amazed US person after person after person that we asked to hundreds of people every one of them at the reason rally no so then. It doesn't matter about the evidence it's not about evidence because the evidence isn't going to convene because most these guys already. We asked that question of earn raw. You know okay would you if we if we if we satisfy to your satisfaction that God exists. Would you worship no okay. This isn't an evidence issue. It's a spiritual issue and I and I think that that it's interesting that he says well you know if God couldn't make it so that it was undeniable. I mean you could suppress it. Paul's experience was deniable. He could've sued elucidating waiting You know he he could. If they conserve aliens he could have said. It wasn't God it was it was ancient aliens. You know he should have been the guy on the history history channel. I mean He. I think easier You know an experienced by Paul well all could have if he was suppressing. The truth drew he could have denied that so not idiot. Runner is already changing. The he's okay. Let's let's let's let's take a look at someone that did did have the same evidence even more so than Paul Judas. Judas saw all the miracles he saw he saw all the claims he saw. Jesus do all that. But it wasn't an evidence issue could example. Okay question came in for you here tyler from saints edified. Don't read it on the screen. You keep keep your eyes on on the traffic in front of you. That's like dead. I know you're probably only doing like five miles an hour because that's La but yeah tyler in in the debate I can't read. It says Tyler in the debate you said that you would believe in evolution or something to that effect. If the evidence was sufficient. Do you remember that. Can you explain what I what I basically said was I. I don't really. I don't really know I'm agnostic caustic. I haven't studied it. It's you know it's asking me about evolution is like asking you about the chemical composition on the third planet orbiting Alpha Centauri. I and I don't know I I don't know I understand that it's the majority view I understand that there are there are people who are for it and against it then have degrees the have relevant Chiro idea I have a hunch that From what I know of the philosophical considerations or something like the neo we are winning and synthesis that that's almost certainly false Because then you're getting into issues of of Information Theory and creativity.

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