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Drought brown announced this morning that his three year old emergency drought declaration is over he's kept in some provisions to help ensure the state continues trying to conserve it's water joining us now it's lisa marcus chair of the state's water resources control board thanks for being with us col thanks for having me so brown has lifted his executive order what does this actually do so lifting the border does a few things say he lifted it in most places but not in the por counties where we still needs the emergency order to be able to provide emergency health first in the eighth that don't have water buddy told us to lift the struck just need told if dictates which fault practice stand and and reporting requirements in place you know we know needed to tout has been tapering offered than seeing record rainfall records snow fonts mary's of the state and fuck much of the state was already pretty much drought free why did governor brown bites along to lift the order well he said earlier in the season that he would wait until the end of the rainy season which we put out around april first and that's just that's what we try to do as well just make have to wait where you are because early in the year people were out enough to lift it just because we had a couple of rain storm and we had some good hack but we know certainly from the last few years that we could have he played they can help it out more sense to wait and see where we were at the end of the rainy season to take stock isn't take actions you mentioned the sore counties what some of the provisions are still going to remain in place of those four counties or fresno kings to larry antonio counties what's happening in those areas well in those areas we're doing a number of things to help the community is to have run out of water in in the in conservation rules will apply to them as everywhere out they don't have extra once attack spencer areas where people are already pretty very with their water use because they it's been and so much trouble it's more to allow if emergency.

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