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Plan, the focus of a town hall event in Milwaukee. National Democrats are moving to pass President Biden's $1.9 trillion covert relief package using the budget reconciliation process, which would require any Republican votes. But White House press secretary Jen Psaki insist the bill could still get GOP support in Congress, pointing to polls showing Republican voters support the plan. That should be an indication or should be. Noted by member of Congress members of Congress is they consider whether they're going to vote for it or not? Those officials, the ABC News Washington name is first to mask over 19 vaccination sites are up and running. Both are in California Governor Gavin Newsom, visiting one in Los Angeles. This site will be replicated not just Other parts of our state, but all across the rest of the country over the course of the next number of weeks and the next number of months. Additional centers are expected to open next week in Texas and New York. The Utah Republican Party says it will accept Senator Mike Leigh's vote to acquit former President Trump in last week's impeachment trial, and Senator Mitt Romney's vote to convict Crumbling former Trump Plaza Casino Atlantic City will be imploded tomorrow morning. You're listening to ABC News. Stay connected. Stay informed. 20 Minutes of nonstop news continues on CO Moh news. 1000 FM 97 7 Good evening Combo news Time. Six Oh, two. I'm Rick fantasized with ELISA Jaffe. We have ah, number of reports on the east side of thunderstorms moving through into the Cascade foothills. Downtown Seattle. Now it's 48 degrees under a mix of clouds and clearing, and here's what's happening. Governor Insley says. Even more Washington schools are eligible to reopen comas, Charlie Harder With Story of case numbers in hospitalizations continuing to decline, Man more and more people getting vaccinated as a backdrop. Instantly continues to encourage schools to reopen, he says. It can be done safely. What we have demonstrated, and what the CDC has confirmed is that we can have on site education in a safe and effective way, and this is really great news for all of us. He actually says it's important to allow families to opt out in favor of online classes if necessary. There are concerns from teacher unions. Some worry about the safety for older teachers and those with medical conditions in flea says teachers over 50 will be in the next wave of people eligible to be vaccinated. Charlie Harder come. O'Neill's King County follows Seattle considering requiring grocers to pay workers hazard pay due to Cove it while one chain says it's focused on closing stores is forcing to do that. Here's comes to Romero with story. Kroger, which owns QFC says it's closing, too. Stores in Seattle on Capitol Hill and in Wedgwood, due to the city's recent $4 an hour hazard pay requirement for grocery workers. Tiffany Sanders with QFC. We feel bad. We're not in the business of closing stores. We really do not want this to happen, but the stores were already struggling financially. But Sarah Cheron with the grocery workers Union, local 21 says Kroger is trying to keep other local communities from adopting hazard pay. Today's announcement by Kroger Too Close to Seattle QFC S is a case of over the top. Greed and bullying, and it shows how much how out of touch Kroger is with our community, she testified before the King County Council on its hazard pay proposal. Sanders says workers at the closing QFC stores will get the extra pay until stores close. April 24th c. Romero come on news. Meantime, Seattle Council member Theresa Mosqueda is releasing a statement about the store closures, calling the move disappointing, adding grocery workers have had to cover emergency shifts pick up extra responsibilities. And are five times more likely to contract Cove it. She also says the workers should not be pawns in a game of chess. Nonpayment of traffic.

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