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Were just 18 hour stations. They came on at six in nothing the morning and live or anything they and went off then at they came midnight on and back again at six. then we didn't Yeah, have that anything was not overnight. uncommon and I'll caps tell you, which came out of KSL you in mentioned Salt Art Lake Bell, City and the show that really Herb influenced had been their him midday in many personality ways was Herb back Jepko's playing music in the early 60s and he went to them because they KSL signed off at midnight and said I got an idea for a show nights I'd monetize like to it do and if and it doesn't work out they we said won't well be able we to bring you can back give to you the middays time because we'll but hire somebody you else. it'll have So in to other words be basically yours what to they did was they said yeah we don't care but we're not we're not going to help and so he of course took that time and really that was his downfall the but night caps before was just terrific that at sure first so his big you mistake was selling it to know mutual many many that was because before the Miami Todd Herald Storrs owned it and bought they would WQAM sign off at midnight in Miami so that we was not used uncommon to say just it like stood for television we quit usually at midnight yeah you'd hear the national anthem you know right out here either the 11 o 'clock news or the show that was on after it Vegas and in I thought this fact was I this is remember great in the the 60s only problem the first was time having I had half seen all the time -night the television movie was midway when I was through in it would Las just shift Vegas to something call else them and and say change then later the I movie found but out that it nonetheless was because Howard it Hughes was owned still on the station and and that if he was didn't a oh sort yeah of neat so he yes didn't a like the lot movie of he'd communication signed off at midnight yeah but hey how did like in the early 70s like when Casey Cason just did his started as early American records Top 40 yeah I how I still did have they some get of them the I programs I to work the I station worked to for a satellite watermark around and vinyl even in 1979 when I wrote and produced something called soundtrack of the 60s with Murray the K and we were still doing sometimes vinyl it'd be me and driving to I a Camarillo would it California would be on to you drop know reel to reel tape them and off and then then they would mastered programs onto were disk still and sent on vinyl so through I the would mid say 80s even after the advent wow of satellite so most there had to be would be a quick turnaround because Casey did that weekly yeah but it wasn't hard to do the turnaround you know they were they were set the they Westwood were set up ever to did do that the and history of so Motown yeah which that's is still that was everything the oddest the damn thing first I ever thing heard the that 24 -hour history the of discs I Motown figure that it's was neither kind chronological of like an exhibit nor no alphabetical one would believe but it it if was they 24 didn't hours hear it and hang on a minute that don't came on go away disk I still okay have all the pick and the it national up right resources there on of WGN cable news radio network news with nation this the is local resources WGN of channel radio 9 on and air and online it's 73 degrees and partly cloudy at 1230 about expanding the good morning Supreme I'm Court James plus Sears after what the High Court has another on polarizing tap for today the ruling President Biden was Cubs lost traffic to our the Phillies expressways 3 -1 and tollways the Sox are won in at Los good Angeles shape 9 right now -7 President WGN Biden is opposed to expanding the Supreme Court he argued doing so would politicize the court forever some Democrats have proposed heavily the criticized idea as a the way to court's push back rulings against including the court's the striking conservative majority down of Biden Roe v. Wade and on affirmative MSNBC action however programs in college the admissions Constitution but the this court Federal has Society gone beyond that had he believes a very the vast majority very of strict Americans construction don't agree with the of decisions the that the conservative majority court is making and two more major decisions are expected from the Supreme Court today one involving the President ruling will decide Biden's if plan Biden to can forgive move over forward 400 with this plan million the dollars other in is a student case involving loans a for Christian some 40 web million designer Americans in Colorado who does not want to create wedding websites for same -sex couples the Supreme Court will decide if Colorado's anti discrimination found News law Nation's can be Joe Khalil enforced reports against her two two Russian high generals -ranking Russian who military are believed officers or are rumored nowhere to to be have and supported we're not talking in about some low way -profile this people rebellion these are effort very from the high Wagner -profile group generals over the weekend here we're they talking about are army now general missing Sergei Sorovkin and armed forces chief of staff general Valerie Gerasimov they have not been actions seen last or Saturday

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