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Here? Yeah, here today and tomorrow and what's the forecast for the temperatures in the hundreds, right? For today. One. Oh, four inland lower than 90 by the bay will keep it in the mid sixties by the coast today, Okay, Okay. That's good. That's good. That's something anyway, so everybody will head out to the beach. Your power maybe shut off, flex alert right, so they may be doing the rolling blackout thing. We have that? Well, they are. They're asking us to conserve power from 6 to 9 P.m., But like yesterday, there's no verification that there will be rolling blackouts. So it's just the threat that looms above us. Yeah, and no cities have been notified. And that would happen yesterday, and, uh, in Napa and in some areas in cinema County, Petaluma, and I think, possibly Healdsburg. We're told to expect it and then it didn't happen. So, um, And then there's the ongoing fire threat And you know, there are little fires that have been breaking out in certain areas. We always seem to have fires somewhere right now. But you know what? I was thinking him. I was just imagining. I looked up it. I don't know whatever. I was looking at one of the monitors here in the studio, and I saw an image of a grass fire being fought. And you know the people who are fighting these fires in their gear. All that stuff in this heat. Can you imagine how miserable that would be? So there's two grass fires right now are wildfires. I should say this one in Monterey County that I just reported on called the Willow Fire, which is 180 acre. And there's some evacuations underway and there's another really big fire in the Chico area as well. Right now it's a grass fire. It's a is are unbelievable threatened. Do you know anything about that one? I'm looking at one at that. At this point, I reported. I know I've got a handle on the Monterey County one, the Chico one. I'll look up. Some impose on that. I'll get that in the news next time, but I mean, it's just awful. It's just absolutely awful. So yesterday when I went home, the temperature was 98 degrees at my house. Now keep in mind. I don't get home till like, four. In the afternoon. You would think that things would start cooling down by that time and I'm on a hill. You know, kind of high up on the hill. And so I get a nice breeze usually God, it was so hot and my I called my husband at about must have been 4 30 or five. And he was in Petaluma. Um, he actually was in Sebastopol, but he was driving back. And so he was in Petaluma. And I said, is it as hot up there as it is here, and he goes. Oh, it's really comfortable here..

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