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It's 6 11 combating hate and extremism. DC's attorney general Karl Racine, is tackling the issue in a virtual chat. Attorney General Racine also launched a year long initiative in December. 2020 called the People versus hate Standing up for humanity. The initiative aims to raise awareness of hate and bias and prevented from taking ruin communities during this week's take 30 discussion, author and scholar of extremism and radicalization, Dr Cynthia Miller interests Does the Internet plays a bigger role now in the spread of hate than it did many years ago, and that regulations would help tech platforms in the tech sector in general has to step up whether that's through regulation or through voluntary stricter moderation occasion James the beauty O P news before former Minneapolis police officer Derrick Show, Vin was convicted in the murder of George Floyd. Ah, former Maryland medical examiner testified for the defense. That Floyd's death was not a homicide and that he instead may have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Well now those remarks have resulted in a call for those doctor's findings in Maryland to be reviewed. Dr. David Fowler's testimony drew criticism from D. C is former medical examiner Dr Roger Mitchell. I thought it was, you know, functionally outside of reasonable Medical certainty. Mitchell, in an open letter online called for Fowler's findings and in custody deaths during his 17 years as Maryland's Emmy to be investigated and more than 440. Doctors signed onto it, he says among those who received the letter, Maryland attorney General Brian Frosh, his office agreeing, saying an independent review will happen and response to that, Fowler told Wt O P stand by all of the findings made by the officer, chief medical examiner and the stuff Who worked there. Mike Morello. W T. O P News 6 13 some Impressive Cove in numbers in Maryland this week, The state has seen the biggest reduction in new covert 19 cases in the country over the past week. A drop of 43% governor Hogan announced today that Maryland's overall covert 19 metrics are among the best in the country as the state continues to carry out what the governor called one of the nation's most aggressive vaccination campaigns. Hospitalizations air falling. The state's daily positivity rating is under 3% and the Senate. And the average under 5%. According to the Center for Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases. Maryland has the lowest transmission rate in the country. Meanwhile, hospitalizations are also down in D C and Virginia. Still ahead on w T. O P a big archaeological find in Maryland link to the most famous conductor of the underground railroad sports is next. It's 6 14 every day can bring changes, challenges.

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