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I'm sorry. It's on the monitor. What was my supposed to do? This is a great way to do a game in it. Yep. Yep, it should be noted that that's a radio play by play call. So if you are driving in the car listening on radio, and you don't have the visual, you think Aaron Judge has just hit a home run? You have no idea that he did until John says. Unfortunately, that was a replay. The audience is not watching the replay, John. They have no idea that there was a replay going on. If you listen, really? Susan makes a noise. At times I have now in the first four seconds. You hear Susan grown as he starts the home run call, and it's like Is she going to jump in and stop him? And then she just kind of let him going? Went for the big sigh After the train is coming, You can't stop the train. Yeah, That's what I say. Is that noise hurt? Acknowledging the mistake and not saving him, or does she also think it's another crush? Because she makes noises when home runs leave where she just like, Oh, because she knows it's going so I can't tell if that's her responding to the to contact thinking it's another home run, or if it's her being mad at John from messing up. All I know is that the yes network runs the telecast, and the radio team runs its own broadcast. So unless TV people are going to try to help out the radio team By putting in giant graphics. Replay. John Instant Replay, Not happening Live John and Susan. This is going to be very At Difficult kind of road to hoe. Oh, we don't have a monitor as long as long as they are still doing road games for the stadium. All right. What else do we have? By the way, they did win that game 54. We don't have a monitor to for them. In Seattle, the Astros fought off the A's for three for a six game win streak at a 5.5 game lead on those days in the West. The Jays thump the owes 10 to the Cubs snap their 11 games Kitty three over the Phillies and Arizona got by Colorado sticks for for its first back to back wins. In nearly two months, A covid spike has led to a new state of emergency in Japan. It begins Monday and runs through the Olympics, which begin on the 23rd officials will decide tomorrow if it's necessary to ban local fans from attending events and MLS last night. Colorado snap Minnesota United seven match unbeaten streak to ZIP the L. A Galaxy a 31 decision over Dallas and Seattle beat Houston to nothing for a record 13 match unbeaten streak. To start the season and now We get stunned. Oh, It doesn't take much to surprise this bouncing baby boy. This is honestly the most stunned. I have ever been on the show to a news, but the show is stunned to a new And we go from the radio voice of the Yankees to the T V voice of the Mets, Gary Cohen, thanking him for the tip, although I don't think he knew he was fueling stunned to a news when he mentioned this during yesterday's Mets Brewers doubleheader. Wisconsin politicians this week are considering a bill that would make Colby the official cheese feeling of the state. Now the stunning part is Wisconsin has gone this far without.

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