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I was working when i was professional boxing i lost i lost me first professional title fight against a really good find holding poobah and a thing eight on the art he was beaten and i was devastated i am i it brokers that's one of the fights have never watched never watched a fight to the day wouldn't didn't learn from it and just had one more fight after that and my wouldn't it and when the fight and i was still disillusion i lost the belief that i do it i didn't have anyone sit stunned with this enc legrand come on let's get this together let's watch a fight we can learn from it and interesting story rhonda's while i frames from the northeast and who was a coach back then and then one hundred conversation with 'em up to the fight and which i can't remember about how antique dealer was pretty sent me a lead off to the fight explain it is not he was just to try and give us feedback and trying to and i can remember much and then about three years ago i found this letter from valley at ten after the telephone call telling is all the things i've done wrong in the things i could improve on so i i don't wasn't listening but maybe i did have some people were giving this amount rights put my motion of solo i was married and so i was devastated i had one more fight i thought i'm having a break i'd never had a break from boxton lots of fighters do lots of fighters sorta off season also that might have a break in the in the uk lots of fighters sorta step out and that's what i did i thought i'm going to have a pretty an are combat fighting i started working back then i was working on the doors in manchester student security working at a recreation setting up and basically cleaning equipment and just to jump in here.

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