Twitter, Coburg, Barack Obama discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast


Right and i've seen this pointed out on twitter but it is funny for them to be blaming coburg for not knowing a lot of this stuff when a lot of the people who are decide our laws don't read the laws though doing the homework in his basically the same nation i but i look backwards and i think you know bomber was in office for eight years and during those eight years facebook ballooned into this content monolith and by the time obama left office in two thousand sixteen the facebook newsfeed was the number one way to distribute news and the one that all these different media outlets were looking at us how can we get on the facebook ahlgren them people were doing advertising on their obviously something was happening politically and it just did not seem to be on the radar for the entire obama administration does he should he take more slack for for his role or lack of role in this whole thing i mean that's such a great point this is been an old problem and i you know i joined facebook in two thousand six and i've been watching since i was basically seventeen years old that this this product has manipulated my life in many different ways like it's a very personal relationship with this form they they were having a great time because there wasn't any threat of trump you know like no one really saw this insane insiduous like fake news storm coming on and so and obama you know getting back to camera janika scandal which is kind of what set off this whole testimony in the first place cambridge politica was able to get access to millions of users data under old facebook policies obama used similar psycho manipulative tactics in advertising to his constituents to when he was running for president so it's not necessarily like oh the trump administration came along and decided to like exploit the internet for bad it's more it's more like we've always been doing this but once it through our world into chaos that's when we started to care i mean if you google obama.

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