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Of the greatest ambassadors of the Kentucky Derby, the late John Asher and Colonel Matt Win. Asher's widow, D. Was on hand. Pretty surreal. I mean, this was sacred ground to John under these fires here. For him to be with his idol, Matt win. It's just perfect. I don't know anything any better way to say, except for it is perfect. John was a long time track spokesman and Derby his story in as well as a colleague of ours at W. H s radio. Colonel Matt Win was Churchill Downs president in the first half of the 20th century. Unemployment claims pulled a 1 80 last week. Jason Brooks with more. The Labor Department says first time unemployment claims were up 352,000, reversing a trend of falling claims over the past two months down to a pandemic low it may be a temporary rise, though, as there was much better news than people receiving long term benefits. With continuing claims plunging by 187,000 to a pandemic low of less than 2.7 million. While the four week average fell for the fifth straight week, California was a big contributor to the drop in continuing claims with the state seen a decline of nearly 87,000 Jason Brooks reporting. Your next news in 30 minutes. I'm Paul Miles. NewsRadio. 8 40. Wh A. Yes. Thank you, Mr Miles Haley's over here. It's time for Hayley and the knobs here on news radio, 8 40. W H s and a good day to you. I didn't realize you're wearing conflicting clothes today. Several people pointed that out. I had my picture online because I was with the John Asher statue. And they said What's with the ST X Hat in the Trinity shirt? You're repping where you went and where you love, right? Yeah. Yeah, He's just covering all his bases. Yeah, I mean, I bought a bunch of Trinity gear when Aiden started at Trinity four years ago. And so I have some. However, this is not Trinity High School. You haven't seen me on the John Asher posts. This is Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. I should have guessed. When you go. Where is a Trinity College? I think that's right. So on Grafton, I walk down Grafton.

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