Ryan Zinke, President Trump, Pete Davidson discussed on 24 Hour News


And interior secretary interior secretary Ryan Zinke is now blaming vicious in politically motivated attacks or pushing him out of the cabinet environmentalists, though, say they're glad to hear him leave the man who brought Christmas back to America. President Trump announced on Twitter that Ryan Zinke will leave his post at the end of the year. I want to thank you for doing such a beautiful job as he did it last month's national Christmas tree lighting Trump praised Zinke, saying he'd accomplished much as secretary of the interior, zinc. He's played a lead role in Trump's efforts to roll back environmental regulations and promote domestic energy development, something the center for biological diversity calls a slash and burn approach. It's been absolutely destructive. For public lands and wildlife and one that's not likely to end with zinc. He's departure. Ben Thomas, Washington wins. News time eleven oh. Six and then it was hoboken's turn the holiday mayhem that is Santa con hit yesterday lady do at least ten arrests, including one guy who was taking him for slugging a police sergeant and worse. Police chief Ken Varandy says cops got hurt we they had to get treated one dislocated a thumb one was punched in the jaw and then we had to wash his exposed to blood at large fight outside. Johnny rockets on second and Washington street late last night. The mayor tweeted out thanks to police for doing everything possible to keep the city safe. Meanwhile, and Eddie gency here in the city is doing its bid to discourage the jolly old Elms releasing me, sit out Santa con- campaign told sue over Santa's. And reckless. Well, so we'll see. Oh, yeah. There's your naughty list. Right there bed wins. News time eleven oh seven. This is about all we saw Pete Davidson on Saturday Night Live last night. Once again, Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus. But that was still pretty soothing a lot of people after a series of disturbing social media posts in which Davidson said he doesn't want to be on this earth anymore and then deleted his Instagram account. The NYPD even did a welfare check on him yesterday afternoon last night. Former fiance Arianna 'Grande, not only apologized for tweeting insensitive comments about Kanye west medical mental state. She also came to thirty rock to support Davidson, then clear if they actually saw each other last night, she is not the only one showing concern for him. Either social media's been lighting up with messages of love and concern Davidson had been very open about his struggles..

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