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All right. I wanna throw out one more thing where i think. There's a significant variable because for tanks. I don't think it really changes tanks if you need a grievous wounds item you're probably building thorn. Male is your item. After your day. I don't think there's exceptions because it allows tanks to offensively apply grievous wounds which is much much more powerful than the forty to sixty percent. Gap is is allowing you to proactively. Apply it so again. I'm not a tank expert. But i believe there is one exception. F you do not need the armor from the throne which even as the enemy has to hit you to apply. Why are you building grievous wounds at all. if you're not going to rush nor millisecond right exactly that's like if the against a quirky then that's like the only time is really rare not only is it rare to have enough magic amazon. Don't need armor is also rare that you need you don't need the truck from thorndale specifically compared bramble us the ability to mobilize and apply davis women's instead of just waiting attack. You absolutely are. I have one other situation. That i think is a notable where you deviate and you deviate for specific reasons and that is yoni also if you need to be building agreed swooned item on your lane yasuko should be building mortal reminder as your second item going infinity edge third. The reason i say that the cost difference between going just moral reminder now you have one hundred percent creek because you're mythic plus mortal reminder and digging an executioner's for eight hundred gold and then going for a full infinity. Edge is almost two thousand goals that you are delaying spiking. Your hundred percent credit not worth donating also get so much value out of that. You're better off going. More reminder second buying another bef sword with the golds difference. Anyway you're at the amount of gold you would have spent for infinity edge slightly lower damage than infinity edge. Second any agreements. Yeah and especially in the case of yona your w comes out really fast and has no freaking cool down because it scales with a attacks feed just like us so that's the other like where there's a big exception to me is. If you're building grievous wounds at all builds.

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