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Less likely the government has revised first quarter economic growth sharply higher to an annual two rate of percent on stronger than originally reported exports and consumer spending. overstock dot com is changing its name to bed bath and beyond dot com. it bought the bankrupt retailers intellectual property for twenty one and a half million dollars last week it will not have actual stores. overstock dot com has been around since nineteen ninety nine. job satisfaction it comes down to the paycheck. staffing from robert half says half of those it surveyed ranked competitive compensation is the biggest impact on satisfaction and worker retention. gen x most likely to say they feel underpaid. the dow's up two hundred and twenty six points. and the s p five hundred is up twelve. the nasdaq's down eighteen points. jeff clable wtop news money news brought to you by sleep number sleep next level the queen sleep number three sixty two smart bed is now only eight hundred ninety nine dollars save two hundred dollars only at a sleep number store or sleep number dot com just ahead there are new questions about the fate of russia's top two generals after that weekend and uprising in moscow it's one twelve verizon five g home internet it's from verizon safe choice right well some things that look great end up being not so like the time you bought a shrimp roll from a gas station or when you bought that used sports car what about when we got billy that drum set the point is verizon 5g home internet sounded great but turned out to be something else and we deserve fast reliable internet we deserve xfinity it's time for better internet switch to xfinity learn more at xfinity dot com slash verizon 5g facts

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