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Careerwise ten years from now where are you? I want you to be selling out stadiums. Okay. Fifty thousand people coming to see me to my five hundred thousand people maybe who knows I don't know where. Million paulo. I think they have less time the places. Yeah. Yeah. But this actually reminds me of well. Okay. Oh, no, no, go ahead. Go ahead. Twelve nights. No, no square guard. You're sold out. Can't get a ticket. No. There are no tickets tickets. No trying to get a ticket. Lying on the bird box ticket. Cindy, Bullock, went online couldn't get it to she's shit outta luck. Sandy she calls. Julia Roberts to the once you click the wrong way. No, no. That's in the movie. Oh in reality. She's such a good actress, you don't know the she can see I thought that was a 'paparazzi shot. She acted like she was a buy a ticket. But she wasn't. Okay. That's a good point. But that's what. Julia Roberts clears it up and says momma, you wanna go to see advocate. Do it sold out. I'm going, but I'll tell you how it is. Exactly. This also reminds we have another guest we had on who you had a lot of interaction with in terms of representation and your goals Valentina arch nemesis. She's like more of my arch in the back. Relations with her. Sleep with Valentine, and I'd like to keep it on food. Please. Oh my God. Well, we can't see your mouth. Oh, never mind. Why have I have a t-shirt that I'm from that your little diatribe untucked that became iconic unit? You're beautiful. You're perfect. You're a model. I have somebody gave me a t shirt that has all that. And it's like one of my favorite t shirts. It's so beautiful. It must feel great to wear paraphernalia of my my mental breakdown. Totally and it'd probably bootlegged at that. So you're not thing a penny of it. Well, it's the full package. God did you was it really like so what we'd how many episodes on season nine? That's such a home who sent you banana Boro nin- been in the. And what was the lip sync again, finally CeCe Peniston? Yeah. Cece Peniston bitch that ruined pitch that needed. Marina. She is. She's odd duck. Yes. She's she's pretty wild. She I yeah. I don't really have nothing to say about her. She's very talented. She is she's she's she's cuckoo bananas. We also have to mention how much I enjoyed an all stars three. Your crystal Beja first off the choice. There's amazing. And also, you your delivery of it was fantastic in the look with Fabio everything about in hear me release the footage. I feel like I was very shocked when I did not win. And like, I almost had an actual crystal evasion moment where I was just gonna walk off set and be like fuck this. Because I I was like I didn't think it made sense. And when I saw the the footage actually full disclosure, I got a link from someone on on a website and five hours before I came out. And it was around this hammer where wow was really like trying to narrow down and get this person who is leaking. All there. I had a flight to Colombia, and I didn't want to miss it. And when I saw it I was like telling tie the whole time. I was like I did so good. And like, I really did it. And then we saw the episode, and I was in in it. And I was like what? And then like the joke that was there was an even like, what am I good ones? I was just like I was so crushed I almost took my computer and threw it across the delta sky lounge who got on my delta one flight risks. Yeah. Rich for those who didn't get to experience the full joy of your kazlo Beja. I wanna play this clip that was just an extra on VH one. You're probably familiar with it as it's you doing it. But. I'm Chris Beija, darling mother and the pound of the house of LA beige, and I'm and I don't need. Nobody to tell me. I'm darling. West sabrina. I will sued the bitch. Dr some fun facts about me are that. I will walk off the bye lose..

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