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And sitting by the fireplace darts, listening to music. Yeah. Now that was our thing man, throwing darts, and it'd be cold, and you know, back in and got come back. Then it man we'd start about fire. Anyway, we're sitting on the fire drinking, those drinks. And then finally, you know years went by and that was when I decided after hunting in Mullen County Down here in south Texas is us out of Tilden. That's when I knew that I wanted to buy a ranch, and so we bought the broken skull ranch. You know, back in two thousand seven and Chris not have been drinking Margaritas before then obviously her on her own time me and mount I'm in a little bit together. When you go to Mexican restaurant, you get Marguerite. And everybody knows that Mexican food is my favorite food. So when you go in there, and you order Margarita, you get whatever kind of Margarita they serve now back in the day. And my formative years, you know, those Margaritas were just fine. But once it got down in south, Texas, you're in the middle of nowhere. You gotta make the Margaritas yourself. So we went and got the Jose Cuervo brand. It was Jose Cuervo Margarita mix not bad stuff. Lots of sugar, but in a Margarita in general, you're going to have that sugar. So it is what it is. So I ended up as I started the broken skull ranch Margarita Danner in south, Texas. That's the name I created, and I was basically using patrol, silver and Jose Cuervo. Margarita mix use salt on the edge of the glass. What else was I end to a mess? Pretty much. It was pretty much it. Yeah. You can make pretty damn good Margarita used in that. I know you'd add triple sec to a little bit of trouble sick here and there, but for the most part if you just had to ingredients, you could make Margarita and those were fine when you're in the middle of nowhere, and that's all you know, and for most people if you just go to a restaurant ever here, and there, and you just get the different style of Margarita, they serve that's what you know. And you the put up with it, or that's what you like once you find a really good Margarita from place at hand makes them because I don't believe in all the Margarita machines. There's a place we had over here. They make their Margaret as they come out of machine. It's just pre-measured bullshit as halfway like drink and just a lime Kool-Aid. Sometimes I don't even believe there's any tequila. And so those in my opinion, I've drank a million of them..

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