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Prepared physically mentally Hoping good position. That have you guys will catch kitchen with some guys I play with Inches long Teammates I want to ask you about and we don't wanna give you, much longer but you've done some. Off season we're back in, your, hometown, plano Texas outside Dallas with the food. Pantry there tell us what that's all about and what. You've done, they're. Keen yes so far Four or, five. Years ago Dollars me on thanksgiving Kirby drive every year we would own That we will put together for families that No Means you go to? Provide On thanksgiving so we will go around About that way over the years kind, of grew, to where we were contribute you know, maybe a hundred meals or Now, it's up to you know A a year or on many pantry and how it works is now I donate a dollar amount and you know the dollar not is. It provides a certain number deal so every year we increase the. Dollar amounts more meals, for people Needs people who really need help and they don't get. Helping your will so people like me will pick full I'm sorry People who can provide. Get that I've always wanted to do and Helping part so Is my part and I've been. Blessed Give back others and so do. My part when you're it sounds great you got the Lorenzo Alexander seal of approval to which goes a long, way in these parts Yeah male right Here so. I, know, that From the That's good we look forward to meeting you. Down there what went. Down there Thursday we look forward. To, seeing hi thank you Never attended a few minutes. With us today we. Appreciate it and no problem thank. You, guys have We'll see down there Keenan Robinson bills linebacker saying today spent the last couple years with the giants injured. A, little bit last. Year spent a couple of years before that, with the Washington Keenan, outside linebacker yeah and it's interesting he has had some injuries during his. Career but they all been they've been soft tissue quadriceps muscle last year and the two pectoral injury, those are, the ones he's missed significant time for and he's writing went, into a long dissertation about you know the way he's. Changed his training habits and they'll tell you experts. Will tell you they tell me all the time I hear him talking about the guys they train it's all about the kind of training you do in the off season helps keep you in the kind of shape that will, keep you from, getting pulled muscles during rates and is about, is about training methods and also hydration like you said he's he. Drink a lot of water stuff. But that's it's. Actually Those kind of injuries don't make him less durable so he's kind of probably a kind of guy that you can say, man this guy, has a chance to show up all sixteen, weeks of the season And, these guys I'm, going to say this you think I'm crazy we. Just met him obviously, on the, telephone I I'll be honest I don't have a. Strong memory of. Him playing with watching into the giants but to me this guy could, be a starter for this team maybe not week one, but look he's going to play opposite Lorenzo right week outside linebacker will linebacker. They got Milano coming back, and I think Milana has, lot to offer but I like this guy size I like is experience and I would not. Be at all surprised if Keenan Robinson. Doesn't challenge, ma'am Alana for that starting spot? Maybe not right, away, Thursday, but soon maybe a. Week or two into camp based on his experience based, on his..

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