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At the news being sponsored by WGN America anon endorsement endorsement from an important group we got that story more after WGN traffic again we've got some very heavy trouble spots out there will hit those first over on the ice in our inbound between California Byrne interchange delays coming in from three ninety to the old post office thirty seven minutes right now heavy delays on the up on Eisenhower between catchy and Austin Boulevard that's because of an accident at Austin right now from the old post office twelve thirty eight minutes fifty minutes to three ninety we've got delays due to a crash that's been moved over to the right children's tristate north bound between North Avenue and the Bensenville bridge over on the Kennedy compound between Montrose and Harlem delays heavy delays inbound on the candy between Montrose and Byrne interchange coming in from here to downtown el forty five minute trip Conexant reporter north on I fifty seven hundred and seven street delays on both directions on lake shore drive mainly between the Stevenson and rose weld on the northbound side and north in Chicago on the southbound side heavy delays over the Stevenson outbound between lake shore drive and Cicero right del thirty minute trip between the drive and the tri state again Madison street around the United center for the all star game is closed in both directions between ward and Damon your forecast from the WGN Chicago weather soon rest the overnight increasing clouds low around twenty five slight chance for rain mixed with snow early and.

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