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Update during Michael Barry. You can see a pretty solid pack up from highway 90 South Bong I'm sky Mike. The Gulf Coast windows dot com 24 Hour Traffic center. Already some of the farthest reaching rain bands Tropical Storm Nicholas and the rain will continue to pick up in intensity through the day today, tonight and tomorrow as Nicholas makes its way up the Texas Coast. UBS 5 to 15 inches of rainfall is possible between now and Tuesday evening. Diabetes biologist Terry Smith, from the Weather Channel One is raining and 75. Now at the Ktrh top text defenders 24 Our Weather Center. We've got the Tropical Storm Nicholas, Fort Bend and our coastal counties already under a tropical storm warning this morning, the city of Houston still under a Tropical storm watch, But Nicholas is getting closer to our coast could become a hurricane before making landfall tonight. Jeff Lindner with Harris County Flood Control District just told you since morning news. This is not going to be hanging around for days. We're really looking at a period of time from you know, this morning and really later this afternoon this evening through tomorrow and then the storm pushing on off to our East tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, so really kind of a 24 hour period. But during that 24 hour period, it could be certainly pretty rough here. Moments ago, Galveston County Judge Mark Henry told us there's still a lot of questions about this storm. They know what's going to be a lot of rain, but they cannot really pinpoint exactly where it's going to fall. So we really just want people to pay attention. The good news that no one is really forecasting a loss of power. We've got a complete list of school closings that ktrh dot com Among the school districts already closed today. Angleton Clear Creek Dickinson Friends would end report Fort Bend I SD will be dismissing classes early today. H I s D remains open. Nicholas. Some irony here hitting us on the 13th anniversary of hurricane landfall on Galveston Island in 2000 and eight Tyronn Taylor threw for two touchdowns in Texas beat Jacksonville 37 21 in the 2021 season opener. They visit Cleveland next week, and the Astros beat the Angels 3 to 1 the team in Arlington night. To face the Rangers. More news on demand it always ktrh dot com. Keep it there. In order to learn the latest about Tropical Storm Nicholas, Our next update will be At the bottom of the hour. I'm sure a fryer and uses news, weather and traffic station NewsRadio 7 40 ktrh. Back. It's that time. Lock and load. Michael very.

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