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More than glanced at the leading political articles in one of the daily papers. The I intelligence of the murder was brought by an anonymous police prefect known only as G. He called upon US early. In the afternoon of the thirteen th of July and remained with us until late in the night he had been piqued by the failure of all his endeavors to fair it out the assassins, his reputation, so he said with a peculiar, Parisian air was at stake. Even his honor was concerned. The eyes of the public were upon him, and there was really no sacrifice, which he would not be willing to make for the development of the mystery. He concluded a somewhat droll speech with a compliment upon what he was pleased to term tact of do pen, and made him a direct and certainly a liberal proposition. The precise nature of which I do not feel myself at liberty to disclose, but which has no bearing upon the proper subject of my narrative, the compliment my friend rebutted as best he could, but the proposition he accepted at once although its advantages were altogether provisional. This point being settled, the prefect broke forth at once into explanations of his own views, interspersing them with long comments upon the evidence of which ladder. We were not yet in possession. He discoursed much and beyond doubt learnedly. hazarded an occasional suggestion. As the night wore drowsy away to pan, sitting steadily in his accustomed armchair was the embodiment of respectful attention, he wore spectacles during the whole interview, and an occasional glance beneath their green glasses suffice to convince me that he slept not the less soundly, because silently throughout the seven or eight leaden-footed hours, which immediately preceded the departure of the prefect..

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