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They can get a good quarterback like Justin Fields with the number 9 overall pick this year. And I just like, oh, the stupidity drives me nuts. The number of the number ten overall pick is the New York Jets. They got that from Seattle in the Jamal Adams trade. So the jets got to top ten picks. That's a massive deal for them. Good for them. They got some opportunities to really draft well and keep building their franchise. Number 11 is Washington. They need a quarterback. They could get a quarterback number 11 overall, although I would remind you that last time Washington waited to get a quarterback. They didn't move up. They drafted Dwayne Haskins. How did that go? If you like somebody a lot, if you're like, if Washington is looking at a quarterback, we like, let's say mackerel. We love Matt corral. We believe in him. We think he's the answer of turnaround our franchise. Then don't wait to draft him at 11. Go get him, 'cause you don't wanna lose him to someone else. And I don't know. Two cents there. The Vikings out of the number 12 overall pick they don't need a quarterback. I think they would, I don't know what I actually have no idea what the Vikings even need. I feel like they're, I would tell you if I did. I think a lot of these teams I got a good read on. Viking fans, let me know, what does Minnesota need in the draft coming up this year? The browns have a number 13 overall pick. They need a quarterback. I think they're too far back to get one. I also don't know that I think what really Cleveland needs to do and I could see I think Matt carral would be fun. Macros a wild card. I don't know how the NFL views, and I haven't watched all his film yet. I think Matt carral could run that brown's offense, really interestingly. He can run, he can move. That'd be kind of fun. But I think what the browns really need to do is trade for Matt Ryan. And that's a big question. It's like, could Matt Ryan get traded and how will that impact what the falcons do? The number 14 overall pick is the ravens the number 15 overall pick is the eagles pick from Miami. They traded. Remember that trade, then you also got the eagles have the number 16 overall pick that's from Philadelphia in the Carson Wentz trade. The Chargers have the number 17 overall pick and the saints have the number 18 overall pick. So again, the teams that need a quarterback. Are they going to move up? I don't know. Will Matt Ryan get traded? How could a potential deshaun Watson trade? Impact the draft order what happens there? What will the lions do? Will they stick with Jared Goff? Could they draft? I'm like, Willis, and will Houston stick with Davis bills? Those are all the questions I have as we head towards the end of a draft in April. But so far, again, the Jets have two top ten picks, the Giants have two top ten picks. The Jaguars that number one overall pick the lines out of the number two overall pick. A lot of opportunity here for teams to build their franchise. Houston really interests me because they got the number three overall pick..

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